Speed Up Your Manifestation: Surrender Makes It Happen Faster


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If you have been stalking my Instagram (here) or Facebook (here) you know that have been adventuring. I just spent one month gallivanting around Europe — hiking Cinque Terre, swimming in the Amalfi Coast, exploring the French Riviera, shopping in Paris — and relaxing and refreshing with friends in NYC and the Hamptons.

And coming fresh off of that trip, one thing is for sure: I am so fucking thankful for this business.

I have a life and business that often thrills my soul. I feel that I am continuing to step further into my divine purpose as the business grows. This business grants me freedom. I work online, seeing clients from all over the world via Skype or FaceTime 1-2 days a week. I travel constantly — because I want to. I start my work day at 10 am. I make it to yoga nearly daily. As I learn to grow my presence, earn more money, and make a big difference I am able to teach others to do the same.

I have created a business that supports me so that I can support others. 

And, every single day, it’s like a dream come true.

And to be one million percent honest with you — what I have created is replicable. You can do it too.

Success leaves footprints.  

It is possible for you to have a life and business that thrills your soul. The desires of your heart were placed their on purpose. The world needs to hear what you have to say. People need the gifts that you have to give and others will pay for them.

Over the next couple weeks I am going to share with you a program that propelled my life and business — something that I took part in one year ago — that moved everything forward for me. I am so excited to be able to be an affiliate for this program.

I do not believe this thing changed my path — but it sure as hell sped things up.

I can’t talk about it in detail YET — but stay tuned. Because you are going to hear me hooting and hollering about it really soon.

Speaking of things that got me to where I was going in, I have a BRAND NEW vlog for you…


In today’s video I share a life-changing lesson that is SO vital to my manifestation game. I use this to earn money, sign up new clients, and attract various experiences into my life that I desire.

This principal is one of the steps I teach in the Money Mentality Makeover and it is truly vital.

Surrender makes it happen faster. 

I have a story to illustrate this for you: A couple months ago I was so mad/confused at a friend that I couldn’t see straight.

I was caught up in a cyclical pattern of negative thoughts. I was adding more and more funky energy to the situation and growing the problem by the minute in my mind as I replayed the situation in a negative/victim-based light.

While biking around, I asked for guidance. “God/Angles/Universe — Please help me. I am willing to see things differently. Please help me shift my thoughts from fear to love. I am willing to release these negative thoughts.”

Within moments, I had a total shift in perspective.

I realized that I had been judging and attacking this person in my mind. I was able to begin to put myself in the other person’s shoes and see more clearly what the situation might be like for them. I was able to let them off the hook. I chose to forgive them.

I surrendered.

Within the hour, I heard from this person in the most synchronized way and was able to clear things up.

Surrender made it happen faster. 

When we force, control, manipulate, attack, dread, fret, worry, and freak — we push what we want further away from us.

When we are in a negative or desperate head-space we are saying to the whole wide world that we believe that the relationships, clients and money we desire can’t naturally and easily come to us; This type of energy informs everyone involved that we are not deserving of what we want. In this state we become an energetic mis-match for what we want and we give the Universe very little to work with.

Let’s apply this to your life and business: 

A potential client calls you. You have a free 20 minute discovery call/mini session. The client acts like she is dying to work with you. This is exactly what you have been asking and believing for. Then you don’t hear from her for several days.

This is the part that matters. This is where faith in God/Love/Miracles/Universe/Yourself comes in.

You have two choices:

  1. You can trust knowing that it is this or it is something better. Meaning — either this client signs up or the next client is around the corner. You continue to send the client love. You maybe check in her once or twice. And you release. You know your destiny is not contingent on this one person — so you CHILL.


  1. You freak the fuck out. You check your email every five seconds wondering why you don’t see a payment notification. You send her continually desperate energy. You send her five manipulative emails and you push her away.

And if you chose the second option, that’s okay. But, my love, recognize what is occurring and turn it around. Ask for help seeing things differently.

Ask for help remembering that God is on your side and the Universe has your back and that everything you need is coming your way.

Remember: In my example the miracle was not receiving the call I had been waiting for. The miracles was the second I choose to see things differently.

The miracle is not the day you have a business with 20 kick-ass clients. The miracle is every day leading up to that day when you choose to know that you are worthy of the clients/life/money you want and choose to shift your thoughts to trust and love. And from that beautiful place, take daily inspired action.

The problem is not with the guy who won’t call or the business partner who won’t commit or the client who hasn’t submitted the payment: The problem is the way that you are viewing these things. The problem is in your mind.

When you chose to surrender, you create space to receive guidance. You can then be led more easily to the next client, payment, job, date or manfriend that is right for you.

Surrender makes it happen faster. 

Check out the vlog:

Does this principal resonate with you?! Let me know in the comments below!

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