Money is Responding to you

You have a say in your financial experience! Amanda breaks down discovering that money is energy. And how our standards, expectations, what we are used to and what we are available when it comes to money effect how much money we allow into our lives. She discussed releasing guilt around spending, changing your ‘just enough’ to ‘more than enough,’ aligning to a new financial goal, and overcoming hang up with money. From $4500 a month, to $450,000 a month, this vlog is a vibe.

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amanda frances, money teacher

Is it Wrong to Focus on Money?

Money allows you to pay your bills, feed the people (and animals) in your home, employ people, buy things, stimulate the economy, donate, give and share generously. Money is not bad. Wanting money is not bad. Focusing on money is not bad. Desiring to attract money, manifest money, or generate money is not wrong. Where we get energetically tangled up is when we do things we do not want to do, do things that do not feel right to us, or override our hearts and integrity to make money.

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