You Can Always Make More. Warning: Big Numbers Inside!

The thing about money is this: It’s limitless. There is no cap. More is always available. Money is always floating around and circulating the planet being exchanged between people continually and we are capable of attracting, allowing and generating more and more into our lives. I shared with this group a bit about the investment, what led up to it, what it brought up for me, and the value of being at our edge and being a little bit uncomfortable with the thing we are doing next.

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Living Your Life as the Exception to the Rule + Achieving the Impossible!!

live my life as an exception to many rules. I should not have been a multimillionaire. This life shouldn’t be possible, but I created the impossible and that’s what I want for people. That’s why I do this. Putting myself in front of a large online audience. It’s not always easy. Sometimes it makes people mad. But even with all the nonsense, I have to go back to… it matters! It matters that I do this for each person that I affect positively. It matters to people who have a breakthrough reading my book or enrolling in one of my courses. It matters to them.

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Money Loves me meditation


Manifest money fast through this powerful law of attraction technique for women. Try this technique for female empowerment, perfect for women entrepreneurs. How to manifest wealth, manifest money, manifest success, manifest abundance. How to use the low of attraction (loa). How to ask, believe and receive. How to manifest money. How to manifest money fast. Check out this manifestation success. These are multimillionaire habits, billionaire habits, millionaire habits. Watch for financial empowerment, support with finances, and empowerment around money.

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