Rich as F*ck Book Party with Amanda Frances in West Hollywood, CA

You are worthy of money. You are capable and deserving. Life is responding to you. Money loves to support you.
Life did not set most of us up for the life we wanted… and yet… it’s still available to us. We can still do, have, be and achieve.
We can still go after it. We can still create a new — and very different — future. It is not too late for us!
You can thrive inside a very supportive relationship with money. You are meant to…
And I can show you how!
My book is called: Rich as F*ck: More Money than You Know What to do With
And it’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, etc!
We got 900+ five star reviews on Amazon saying this is the book for you!
Rich as F*ck Book Grab it here.

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