Up Your Manifestation Game: TAKE INSPIRED ACTION

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In my Money Mentality Make-Over course we go DEEP into my manifestation process. AND I LOVE IT! People are getting crazy results. (More about the course: here. Testimonials: here.)

For this video series it was my desire to bring you a mini version of that process — something that I could fit into three videos that would help move you forward.

In this final video, we are talking about a super important (and possibly my favorite step) for manifesting: TAKING INSPIRED ACTION!

Let’s review the steps for attracting/manifesting/creating ANYTHING:

1. Get clear on what you want.

The intention. The desire. What you want. How it will FEEL to have what you want.

Get crystal clear.


2. Observe the limiting beliefs that say you can’t have what you want. 

Become the gentle observer. Non-judgementally take inventory and become aware of when your brain tells you some bullshit, such as:

“Who are you to have/do/be that?”

“THAT will never happen to someone like you!”

“That’s SO unrealistic/unlikely/not practical.”


3. Change the limiting beliefs.

Those thoughts won’t serve you, but what thoughts will?

Choose new thoughts instead.

“I can do this.”

“What I desire comes naturally and easily to me.”

AND FEEL what it would feel like to have what you want before it even happens.

Start vibing with it. Start feeling like it has happened/is happening. MAKE IT REAL BY FEELING IT!



God is on your side. The Universe has your back. Life loves you.

KNOW that what you desire is on it’s way.



5. Take Inspired Action.

Pray. Ask for guidance.

Be willing to see things differently. Be willing to be led to a better way.

Don’t be surprised when you suddenly have a, “Oh wait… but what if I did it this way” moment.


In the video below I talk about STEP FIVE and share the inspired action that was given to me last month when I had a financial goal that I was ready to bring in, but was having crazy limiting beliefs that were stopping me from getting there. I prayed and was given a step that got me out of my head and got me the results I wanted. 



((This video is a follow up to How to Turn Bad Things into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You and How to Speed Up Your Manifestation . I hope you enjoyed the series! xo!))


Love you tremendously!
Amanda Frances

I am an online life coach, a spiritual life coach, and a business coach for woman entrepreneurs. I am obsessed with helping woman create lives and businesses they are obsessed with.  

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3 thoughts to “Up Your Manifestation Game: TAKE INSPIRED ACTION”

  1. Thanks so much, Amanda! This was a great video — I needed it! Sometimes I try to force a certain action because I think that’s the way I want it, but inspired action is EVERYTHING! woo!!! Also – so sad I didn’t get to meet you officially at Spirit Junkie but hopefully we can meet soon!! I’d love to connect!! <3 Thanks for all you do! xo

  2. Perfect! Thanks for sharing.
    Limiting beliefs are sneaky little bastards but changing them is crucial.
    I have had ton of limiting beliefs around money that have been deep rooted since childhood and what you have said in this blog has helped me turn them around. Thank you for the reminder.

    Also, I love how fun you make it to learn better habits!

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