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“When I first contacted Amanda, I was so anxious and I didn’t know what to expect. But oh my gosh – she has been a bedrock in my life. Amanda has given me a safe place to be myself. She holds a space of love and support that I can step into while I learn to love and support myself. She has taught me to be compassionate and graceful with myself – giving myself the love and nurturing I’ve been looking for my entire life. She is truly wise beyond her years. Through our work together, I have learned that my future is important and - in spite of of what’s happened in my past – I have the right to be happy. No matter what my next step is – one thing is very clear – I know that my mental, spiritual, and emotional health and wellness come first. My future, after having Amanda in it, is one that will most definitely be of happiness, true love, and freedom.” – Sasha, NYC
“When I first called Amanda, I was extremely skeptical; I remember telling her that I think being coached was kind of BS. Because I’m a super self-aware, strong and smart individual I thought I didn’t need any help. From our first session Amanda said things that made a big difference in my following week. Now I can honestly say from the deepest place in my heart that working with Amanda has taken my life in a whole new direction. Not only in the fact that she has been there for me, but she has completely given me a new perspective in life. With Amanda there is no fluff. She is 100% real. She speaks my language. She talks to me as someone who has been there and completely understands. Working with Amanda has given me the strength to really assess my life and situations and step out of anything that doesn’t serve me – as I’m ready. I would recommend working with Amanda to anyone – whether you belief in the art of coaching or not. If you have doubts just talk to Amanda once. You’ll feel like you’re talking to your BFF. Working with her had turned my life around. She is amazing.” – Lisa, Los Angeles, CA
“I’d had a hard time finding a life coach that could help me with what my needs were. Amanda has been the perfect fit. The whole atmosphere when I talk to Amanda is very inviting. It’s like I’m talking to a motherly/sisterly figure. In session, the conversation goes in whatever direction I want it to go. Whatever I feel is important is what gets talked about the most. Because of our work together, I feel like I’m not stuck anymore. I feel like I have the power to change things now when they are not in my favor :) Life is MUCH more manageable and doable now! If you thinking about coaching, I say go for it, even if you’re unsure! It’s worth taking the risk.”
- Jessica, Plano, TX
“Before working with Amanda, I had a view that coaching was “not for me” or for “weak” people. My boyfriend thought it was a dumb idea. Through working with Amanda, however, I have realized that I am not okay with living a mediocre life. I now know that it’s totally fine to want to create a wonderful life for myself. In session, I feel like Amanda “gets me.” She has helped me to let go of a lot of anger, resentment, and guilt which feels like a weight has been lifted off of me. Also, I have learned to stand up for myself and am a better at communicating my needs. Because of working with Amanda, I will be able to make choices that I want to make. I now recognize that it is MY life and I am responsible for my own happiness and well being. If you’re unsure about coaching, I say JUMP IN!” - E.S., Dallas, TX
“When I started life-coaching with Amanda I felt a hesitation to open up. I had a fear of being vulnerable with both her and myself. I quickly realized, however, that I can come to Amanda with whatever I’m carrying. She has such a calming presence – even over the phone. Talking to her is like taking a hot bath: Calm, relaxing, and empowering. Since I started working with Amanda I have realized that I am not wrong to want and expect happiness. I’ve realized that I am worthy of receiving love in ways that fulfill me. I now know that my dreams are completely accomplishable no matter who tells me they’re not. Because of our work together, I know I can achieve my dreams, walk in happiness and do the things that fulfill me while being of service to the world. Just try one session with her! You’ll be hooked – I promise.” – Anna, Oklahoma City

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