2013: I love/hate you. ((my final year end review))

Today a friend and I were talking about how hard it is to see all your progress when you are living in your own skin. On the outside, someone who is watching you can easily say with complete honesty, “Look how you forgave this person, overcame that fear, increased your income, worked through that conflict… Go you!” Meanwhile in your own mind you’re thinking, “What the eff am I doing with my life?” This happens to all of us.

In my mind I had decided that last year was probably okay/good enough/not my best. However, as I thought through each month of 2013 I was like, “Wait… I’m a rock star!” Bottom line if you are like me, my friends, my clients or anyone else I know… then you probably aren’t giving yourself enough credit.

If you feel led, before you close this year up for good, I encourage you to take inventory. You may have already thought about the things you’d like to do better, shamed yourself a little, and set some goals… but have you given yourself credit for all the ways you were awesome?!

Make a list.

Your list will help you see more clearly how well you have done and all you have learned.

If you are like me, this may have been a hard year, but with challenges comes massive growth.



 {{ Me in the Last Moments of 2013 }}

My yearly inventory and the lessons I learned:

  • Drop your limiting beliefs. One thing I gave the middle finger to this year was my a lack mentality. I learned that money is a neutral resource – how you handle it and think of it determines whether your money works for you. I experienced major growth in how I make/manage/think about money. I believe in a plentiful world. I believe there is enough to go around. Life lesson: A lack/poverty mentality will never serve you. Believe it is always okay and that you will always have enough and see what happens :)Bonus lesson: In business the answer is often finding a way to work smarter — not harder.


  • Clarify. Manifestation 101: Clarity is key in getting what you want out of life. You can have anything, but you won’t be able to go out and get what you want until you know what it is that you want. Think of not just how you’d like life to be, but get super clear on how you want life to feel. Cool things will show up. Read more about one of my favorite manifestation moments here: Call Me Cinderella..
  • Ask for what you want. I went to NEW YORK FASHION WEEK and interviewed Max and Lubov Azria. Dreams can come true. I asked for this years ago, as I always do, in a journal entry to God. I knew in my heart it would happen — and one day an opportunity was there. Like… out of no where. Get clear on what you want, ask for it, and know. Gabby Bernstein recommends that you end your prayer with “…this or something greater.”.
  • Bloom where you are planted. You will eventually find your fit in a new place. My current house is the fourth place I’ve lived in Dallas, but it’s my first home. The neighborhood. The sounds. The culture. I hear the bells from a nearby church every morning when I wake up (something I asked for as teenager standing in Utica Square in Tulsa — you can always hear the bells there) and can walk to Whole Foods, my nail salon, and many other (necessary ;)) places. If you are in a transition — know that what you’re looking for is in existence. If it’s not, the Universe will literally conspire to bring it into existence for you. Believe you can have what you need, practice feeling how you want to feel in this new place or situation, and ask to be show how to bloom where you are planted..
  • Surender. This year, I started a PhD program at a top 10 school in the Counseling field. This feels like the biggest endeavor I have ever taken on, but I have a feeling that I was led to this program. I have been stretched in ways I didn’t know one could be stretched. I do not have a life lesson for you quite yet as this journey is still in progress, but I think what I’m learning may have something to do with accepting and releasing resistance to the flow of one’s life. The last time I felt like I was navigating an unknown situation and was all of the stretched, I had just moved to Dallas. I am daily reminded of the adventures I would have missed had I stayed at home. I’m willing to learn to surrender..
  • Come Alive. I didn’t travel for a 5 months mid-year this year. I was trying to be a dedicated PhD student and I was all out of balance with myself. A wise women looked me in the face and said, “Why aren’t you traveling?! You HAVE to travel — you were made to travel!” I had been to Orlando and New York early in the year, and finished the year with trips to New Orleans, Denver, and Destin :) Something about being alone in a city I’ve never been in makes my heart come alive. When I stepped out of my hotel in Denver, I was overwhelmed with a sense of being exactly where I needed to be. I had forgotten what it felt like to explore unknown place and have the world at my finger tips. That trip got me through the rest of the semester. New life rule: three new cities a year. Every year..
  • Be Vulnerable. Thanks to Brene Brown, the world was daring greatly last year. She gracefully taught us that if you want all the positive emotions in life, you have to be willing to be vulnerable enough to take the chance of experiencing negative emotions as well. I practiced a lot of vulnerability this year — like a lot a lot. By the end of the year, I had never felt so close to my friends or family. What’s the point of a fabulous life if you don’t truly share it with others? We need each other. Read my blog on learning to live a bigger and more vulnerable life here: No More Holding Back..
  • Up your game. A fabulous business coach (shout out to the B-School Babes!), Marie Forleo, constantly talks about upping your game in every area of life — and I’m beginning to get what the entire thing is about. Growth hurts and taking leaps is scary, but you have to do it if you want to have, do and be more. You can become your happiest self. The possibilities for your growth and happiness are endless. You can reach your goals. You can accomplish your dreams. You can create a life you love. But you’ll need to commit to new practices and habits. You’ll have to challenge yourself. How can you be more — today? This week? This month? This year? Tell me in the comment below!!



As for the New Year, I have a feeling it’s a year of more. I’m endeavoring to welcome the year with huge open arms. I have clearer intentions than ever for what I want — in life, love, health, and business — and I’m excited!

Some intentions:

  • I have some new health and wellness inspiration thanks to the incredible girls at Tone it Up. I plan to follow their wisdom this year. Their videos and nutrition guide are life changing.
  • I am going to finally open an IRA – #grownupproblems.
  • Each week I intend to do something for someone who can’t pay me back. Recommendations, referrals, favors… two weeks in and it’s been so fun to be constantly looking for a way to help someone else!
  • But first — I am super thankful for my next big adventure: NINE DAYS BACKPACKING IN SOUTHEAST ASIA! Get ready Thailand, I’m coming for you! I’m ready for a trip I’ll never forget with my dear friend, Megan and her boo.



Stay tuned to….

  • See me ride an elephant, rent a motorcycle, and sleep in a hut on the beach in Southeast Asia.
  • Up my game in business, life, health, and love.
  • Learn to love life even more.
  • And share with you the crazy, vulnerable, wild adventure that is being me.



I love you,

Amanda Frances


What do you want in the new year?! Share below! Xo.


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