The Abundant Network Marketer

Thousands of women each year join a network marketing company with dreams of increased freedom, time with your family and friends, and a full-time income for very part time work…

More often than not -- they get stuck.

You know the story: You sign up a few friends and family members and then within a few months you hit a wall. Here's the secret most people tell you.

The problem... is you.

You're all up in your own way. And only you can fix it.

Luckily, we've been there and done that.

Hi. I'm Andrea Crowder.

I am in the .01% of all network marketers in the world.

I have teamed up with my friend, Amanda Frances (a digital course creator, self made millionaire, and manifestation queen earning $250k a month) to bring you this free training.

We put together a sexy lil' bundle for ya.

And we're gonna give it to you for... FREE.

It's time to release the struggle, love. It's time to go big. 

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Andrea leads a team of thousands of network marketing distributors and their team is ranked in the top .01% of the company. Her personal earnings are in the top 1% of all network marketers in the world (according to google).

But it didn’t start off that way.

Her first 18 months in business were hardcore hustle that left her burnt out and questioning if she’d ever “make it.” That’s when she started learning about the law of attraction and manifesting concepts.

Right away she started putting these spiritual principles at the foundation of her business and within the next 18 months she hit the six-figure mark and has since made over seven figures in her business.

It was the critical missing link or “secret” she had been looking for.

Together their expertise is something that the network marketing community has never seen before.

Practical strategy paired with powerful spiritual principles that not only help you to build a successful business but do it in a way that feels liberating and f’ning fun! Because #duh - joy is a high mother f’ning vibration that attracts MORE to be joyful about (including massive abundance.)


Hi! I'm Amanda! I'm a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, and an next level money manifesting queen.

I didn't grow up wealthy. I did always believe that money was something that could come naturally and easily to me. I felt poor. I felt broke. I felt buried in debt. I felt limited. I felt constricted. I felt boxed in. I felt like the odds weren't in my favor.

Shifting my limiting beliefs and working through my blocks around money, healing and releasing my negative money memories, and continually increasing my capacity for receiving money are easily some of the most significant accomplishments of my life thus far. 

When I first started combining spiritual/energetic principals with practical business steps, I set the goal to earn $8k a month. Six months later, a $12k month. Two months after that, a $20k month. Nine months after that, a $48k month. Two months later, a $67k month. 11 months later, in February of 2017, I had my first six figure month at $109k. Present day, I earn $250k each month.

I have more more than doubled my revenue every year since I've started this business.

Amanda Frances Inc. is projected to earn $3 million dollars this year (but I plan to do more).

I'm a regular girl from Sand Springs, Oklahoma... living an extraordinary life.

Money is not about money. Money is about opportunity, freedom, and living more fully.

It is my intention to increase the number of of wealthy, empowered women their are on this planet. When women like you drop the guilt around their desire to earn and disprove the negative money beliefs standing in your way, the world changes. I am here to give you ever practical tool and spiritual principal I have from designing a life and business beyond your wildest dreams.

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