The Energetics of Soulful Selling: Four Things to Remember When Selling Feels Hard

These four clips were taken from one of our most popular courses — Sell from Your Soul.

SFYS is an immersion into the art of calling in, sharing with, and selling to those who need your work while standing in and speaking from your truth, creating systems + strategies that work for you, and not feeling gross or salesy — for even a second.

Without further ado…

Four Things to Remember When Selling Feels Hard:

1. It is safe to be seen. Don’t be afraid of shining and showing the real you. The humans need the real you. They need what you have to give, they need what you have to say, and you’re simply doing them a disservice if you’re holding back. Remember: It is safe to tell the truth. It is safe to share your heart. It is safe to be seen.

Ask yourself: If you couldn’t fuck it up, if no one would be mad at you, if you get no yucky comments, then what would you say? What would you allow to come through?

2. Nothing is blocking you from your desires. What if there was nothing standing in between you and what you desire? What if there was no shadow belief holding you back? What if there was nothing keeping you from believing you were enough? If the blocks and the limiting beliefs were removed, what would you do now? How would you feel now? Sometimes it feels like there’s something that is bigger than us standing in the way when there really isn’t.

Remember: You are more powerful than anything you feel is in between you and whatever it is you desire.

3. Don’t take on energy that isn’t yours. When you feel negative energy around you, remember: You can be around the drama and the negativity and not take it in. For me, it’s a practice of saying, that’s not mine, I give back to you what is yours, and I take what is mine. You can have empathy and understand where someone is coming from, but you have to take care of you. Don’t make their funky energy yours.

4. Believe in your work. It is your job, above everything, to believe in what you do. To know fully inside yourself that it is the best thing in the world. No one else can believe it until you do.

To get there, I ask myself things like: What does someone get when they enroll in this offer?What will they experience? What will they learn? How will they grow? I stay clear on how my offer is of service and that helps me to have confidence.

Okay, my loves!

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