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But there is something else I have to tell you...
Have you ever noticed that when you try to pay off debt you end up feeling restricted and BROKE AF?

Most people set the intention to pay off debt...

... and move deep into a vibration of lack and restriction and fear around spending.

When this happens, it is nearly impossible to attracting abundance or feeling good about money.

Then you give up.

Here is the deal: It isn't even f*cking about paying off debt.

It's about freedom. Freedom from "debt". Freedom from lack. Freedom from fear.

Freedom from the idea that you aren't good enough for the life you desire.

You can totally pay off your sh*t while staying a vibrational match for everything (includng the money) that you desire.

But you are going to need a strategy. And a new mindset.

We are here to help.

Amanda Frances and I have teamed up again to talk to you about money and vibes and financial freedom and paying off sh*t.... like we do.

But now we are helping you tackle the ridiculous misconceptions around debt...

...and how to pay it off, quick AF.
Amanda Frances Pay off your debt without feeling broke AF

Amanda Frances Learn when to save, splurge, spend... with ease

Amanda Frances Learn how to become an energetic match for more money

Amanda Frances Create a debt pay off plan.. that feels good

Amanda Frances Release the guilt/fear/share around being in debt

Money Expert. Self Made Millionaire. Spiritual Bosslady. Money Manifesting Queen.

Top .01% of All Network Marketers... in the World. Paid of over $100k of debt.
Amanda Frances Create your debt pay off plan.

Amanda Frances Spend intentionally instead of emotionally.

Amanda Frances Decrease debt and increase wealth... vibrationally.

Amanda Frances Avoid the most common mistakes that keep other stuck around debt.

Amanda Frances Increase your capacity for receiving wealth... with ease.
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