The Feminine Frequency of Receiving Money

Hi loves!

Recently while talking about elevating my energetic frequency around how much money I choose to receive each month someone asked me, “What do you even do with that much money?!’

I got very excited about this question.

Here’s the deal:

Every time you increase your goal around money, it may feel like “What would I even do with that much money?”

But part of our work is to expand your capacity for receiving, spending, saving, investing more money over time. Our work is deciding that we get to have more and use it well.

As you release the guilt, drama, fear around earning, you will find that there are plenty of things you desire to do with money. You will also find that none of those things are bad, wrong, selfish, or greedy.

The thing is: Money can’t come to you when you don’t feel good about having money.

Here is what I want you to do, love:

Watch this video. Hear my words and FEEL my energy as I talk about money.

Do you feel the feminine flow? Do you feel the ease, grace, joy, gratitude, and excitement?

The reason money comes to me in the way that it does is because of massive amounts of joy and gratitude I feel when I think about money.

This is a habit and a way I have taught myself to think and feel over time.

I now experience a feeling of money come, money flow, I am ready to receive. I have more than enough space and room for you.

The reason money comes to me in the way that it does is because of massive amounts of joy and gratitude I feel when it comes to money.

There is a feeling of  money come, money flow, I am ready to receive. I have more than enough space and room for you.

And money responds accordingly.

I feel supported by money. I feel appreciated by money. I feel like money is on my side.

I feel good about having money. I am excited to receive it. I do not believe that there is anything bad, wrong, greedy, selfish around me having more of it.

There is no conflict or duplicity or uncertainty in my energy. I am sure. I am clear. I am clean.

There is so much to buy. There is so much to support. There are so many ways to expand your life with the resource we call money.

Money is an unlimited resource. Money is a renewable resource. It can’t run out. There is always more circulating in the world and all we must do is be an energetic match for more coming to us.

And, for me, that is like hearing angels sing.

Likely, there are areas of your life where you have high standards and where you believe that you can receive and you believe things come easy for you; That same grace and flow can be applied to cash money.

You ARE capable of believing you’re worthy of money and you ARE capable of calling in and bringing in money. You ARE capable of handling mass amounts of money.

So, tell me in the comments below, in an ideal world, what you would do with $10,000 or $20,000? Or $5,000? Or $3,000? Or however much you want?

If nothing was bad, greedy, wrong, or selfish, what would you earn? What would you desire to receive?

How would it change your life to receive this? How would you feel?

What do you want? What do you really, really, want?

I really want to know! Tell me in the comments below!

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I love you!


6 thoughts to “The Feminine Frequency of Receiving Money”

  1. I want to make $100k per month and then expand to $200k per month. I’m ready for money to flow to me. I know how I will spend it. It’s funny as saying I want to earn $100k per month doesn’t seem that much to me and I’m yet to launch my business (March 26th).

  2. I will make over $20,000 each month
    My family and I always have money for travel, bills, food and anything we want or need. We own our home and are debt free
    I’m changing the world a few people at a time
    I deserve this !! This is who I was meant to , so be it ❤

  3. I want to make $20K a month so I can build my team in my business to scale to 7 figures and be able to retire my mother, take care of my family exponentially, custom build my dream house in the woods, have several seasonal homes and travel the world helping women undomesticate themselves and truly live their dream life and bring their gifts to the world. And I would set up scholarships for single moms after divorce and foster kids who have no family and reach adulthood without being adopted. That’s what I would do.

  4. I want to make $20K extra next year. I almost wrote 10 but then I figured why not go big? I want to be able to pay down my loan and take my kids on vacation and buy myslef my first pair of Louboutins CASH!!!!

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