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The Key to Manifesting: This Essential Element Matters Most!

The success of your manifestation depends on this.

Hi love!

I want you to imagine something with me:


What just happened, you ask?

The thing you’ve been waiting for, wanting, desiring, vision boarding, asking for or journaling on.

You just got the promotion.

Your boss just let you know about your pay increase and it was more money than you thought it would be.

You just had the five, six or seven figure launch you desired.

You just enrolled the number of people into the course that you desire.

You just had the number of pay in full as you wanted in that course.

You just had the new client show up and pay in full.

Your mastermind just filled up.

Your husband just got a raise. You just manifested the money.


Like… one second ago. It just happened! You just found out!

Can you imagine it? See it? Feel it?

Good. That is what we are here to talk about today.

There is a big, important pivotal key hack to manifesting that I need you to know and understand.


So, tell me, if it just happened, one little second ago…

>> What would you be thinking in your mind?

>> What would you be feeling in your heart?

>> What would you be saying out of your mouth?

>> What would you be experiencing in your body?

Journal it out!

Think, feel, imagine and be with the experience as though it already happened.

Hold those thoughts and emotions inside of yourself now.

Say to yourself what you’d be saying if it were done, complete, and a part of your reality now.

“Omg! It happened. The money is here. The client is here. She paid in full. The raise happened. It’s better than I thought! I did it! I did it! I did it!”

Feel it as complete now. Sense and experience the satisfaction and certainty of knowing you have received your desire

As thoughts and ideas come up that say you are not worthy of your desire or that obtaining it will be impossible for you… disprove them, laugh at them, remember fear is a liar face and go back to the above.

^^ this is the most important + foundational manifestation homework there is.

This is the hack. This is the pro-tip. This is the whole vibe.

What do you think?

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amanda frances manifest more money the key to manifesting