The Mastermind

Holy Cuss Words!
I am so excited.


For eons of time people asked me for a high-end Mastermind.

I introduced The Mastermind with Amanda Frances for the first time in September or 2017...

I ran another short-term mastermind in October...

Before introducing a six month mastermind in early 2018.

I HAVE LOVED those groups and the work we have done together.

The Mastermind is now an ongoing, all year long container of growth, support, transformation and love.

Amanda Frances Tripling coaching rates + signing clients at the rate

Amanda Frances Selling first five figure coaching package (3 people did this)

Amanda Frances Increasing group coaching price and selling it out!

Amanda Frances Creating and selling first digital course... EVER!

Amanda Frances Clarity around next steps/authentic branding/new empowered direction.

Amanda Frances Creating new offers based on inspiration and desire

Amanda Frances Booking first paid speaking gig

Amanda Frances Fuller expression of authentic self in life/work/relationships.

The point of The Mastermind is to step into the next level of your purpose + power.

From the place of owning who you are and deciding what you are available for in your life -- magic happens.

We will decide how things go for you.

We will write new rules.

We will choose new outcomes.

We will get next level... AF.

We will do this thing like your life depends on it, because it does.

When we bring forth into the world our callings/the work we long to do... we are brought alive.

Doing the work I love in the ways that feels good to me, is like oxygen.

Doing anything else, is like a slow painful death.


Following my soul's work each day while making my decisions from a place of alignment, flow, ease, trust... is everything to me.

Amanda Frances From that place, I know that everything is possible.

Amanda Frances From that place, I can manifest miracles like nothing you've ever seen.

Amanda Frances From that place, I can create/embody/become anything I desire.

Amanda Frances From this place I have more than tripled my income from one year ago -- earning $250k a month the past three months (and having 17 consecutive six figure months) -- while working less, having more fun and feeling happier than ever before.

I can just BE Amanda Frances and do what I long/need/desire to do.

And get paid for being... me.

This type of flow/abundance/joy/fun inside my life and business -- has brought me more happiness than I ever thought possible.

This is about so much more than money/business/clients (and, trust me, I love earning money).

This is about your quality of life.

This is about designing this thing the way you want -- completely.

Amanda Frances Feeling deeply connected to yourself?

Amanda Frances Trusting yourself/your desires completely?

Amanda Frances Knowing your living out your exact, perfect purpose?

Amanda Frances Understanding the vibration/frequency of money and calling in larger amounts more easily?
... while having released the need to struggle and make things hard/difficult/time-consuming, and repeatedly tell stories about why it has to be that way for you?
What I hear over and over from clients, is that being in my energy gives them permission to live in a next level, unapologetic, more fully self expressed way...

... and permission to trust themselves and let it be easy and follow their heart and create offers/content/packages that they believe in.
During the course of The Mastermind you will have a ton of access to me.

I will hold massive space for you.

I will to lead you through an intensive experience of elevating unlike ever before.

I will hold the vibration of change with you you.

We will do the thing together!
Amanda Frances"Update! As of yesterday, I'm sitting at just over $50,000 for the launch of new program. This is by far my BEST launch ever. My biggest launch on a single program before this was around $10K"

Amanda Frances"I signed my first $20k client! Ahhhhh!"

Amanda Frances"Omg, I want to tell you what’s happened since the mastermind! I've had 3 people pay in full for my 3k group program without discovery calls (after you helped me challenge the idea that I had to do discovery calls). I've been making money easier and signed my first 5 figure coaching private client package! I'm having my biggest and funniest month in business yet! Also I made 5k in my sleep last night and I truly believe it all has to do with me embracing the ease of money!"

Amanda Frances“This week’s homework was so good! I've journaled out 7 pages of my desires!! This homework really made my brain work different and got me into the feeling of my desire, the vibe of it easier. I was able to hold that vibe of what I desire longer and stronger than ever. I'm feeling it!! This sh*t is happening!"

Amanda Frances"Thank you for this! I feel f*cking fabulous and amazing. My income is bigger and easier than it's ever been. Zero bullshit and obligation; Just allignment and deciding."

Amanda Frances"I'm traveling the world while earning an incredible income while feeling so much joy. Thank you, Amanda. This is my next level."

Amanda Frances"I now feel a huge shift into the amount I now choose to earn by showing up 100% as my true self in all situations."

Amanda Frances Continually coaching, training and masterminding each month.

Amanda Frances One live group training call each month (with q&a + coaching).

Amanda Frances Unlimited group FB messenger audio & text support (this is where the magic happens).

Amanda Frances Unlimited private FB group support (training calls will be here).

Amanda Frances One 1:1 session with Amanda each month (no one ever uses these, but you can have them).

Amanda Frances Special prices for VIP days and retreats with Amanda (40% off).

Amanda Frances Access to ALL digital offers I release starting now until through the entire time you are in the mastermind(including all digital courses, video training bundles, the Limitless Membership, etc)

Amanda Frances The Mastermind is an on going, year round group. We ask that you commit to staying for 3 months upon joining, after that you can choose to stay as long as you'd like.

Rise up for what's next for you. Do it more quickly then you've ever imagined. Embody your power in a new way. Receive what you need. Shift. Go to your next level.
To speak from my experience, when I get in environments of people who do-what-I-do and get-what-I-get... but get it in a higher way than me... it changes me.

When someone has stepped into their calling/unapologetic strength and boldness/unshakable certainty in a higher way than I have... and I get in environments with them...

... they lift me up.

Let me lift you.

You show up. And I will too.

The Mastermind is Currently Accepting Applications!

Please Apply Here and email with any questions.

By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to my standard Terms and Conditions.