The Missing Piece to Manifesting


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This vlog has been hanging out in the unpublished area of my YouTube for quite some time now. When deciding what to share with you today — I knew it was the right time.

I love to manifest. Co-creating intentionally with the Universe is totes my jam. I love to set goals, hold vision, know it’s happening, receive guidance, take inspired action, know why what I desire is of high service/for the ultimate good and watch some super amazing/life-altering/unbelievable shit happen. I am so thankful for the incredible power we have. We are out-of-control, ridiculously-powerful creators.

The situation is that we are manifesting all of the time. We are always an energetic match for something. The magic is when you learn to co-create/attract/call-in/manifest on purpose.

Manifesting (especially when it comes to money) is by far my favorite thing to teach on.

After years of teaching on this, today I am sharing with you the step that people often miss.

It comes at the end right before the miracle and it’s so important.

That is what we are talking about in today’s vlog.

Okay, so here is the situation, you powerful co-creator…

It’s likely that you already know that the secret to manifesting is becoming an energetic match for your desires. We do this by assuming the energy of that which we want before it is ours.

This means that we feel (with our bodies, minds, and emotions) what it would be like to already have what we want. We feel it. We believe it. We know it.

When I am actively holding the vibe for the thing I want, I practice feeling excited in my body. In my mind I say to myself, “Omg! I did it. I did it. I did it. I received _____ and it was so easy.” In my emotions, I get ridiculously joyful and excited that what I desired came to me… And I do all of this before anything has happened. I do this before any signs have shown up. I do this before there is any logical reason to believe I can have the thing I desire.

When you can learn to cultivate the feelings of what you desire in your being, manifesting becomes simple. I practice holding the feeling of receiving what I want multiple times a day, until it’s mine.

I work on reframing and readjusting and removing the ideas in my mind that say I can’t have it and I stay an energetic match for it.

I did this when I was ready for my first 7k month, 11k month, 20k month, and 60k month… I’ve done it with countless trips and life experiences. I am practicing doing it now concerning a life-partner… #manifestaman

I’ve seen the process work a million times…

And this is where people often get tripped up:

You work the process. You follow the steps. You assume the energy. You stay a match. You work on the limiting beliefs. You do everything you thought you were supposed to do… And nothing happens.

And your bummed. And devastated. And can’t figure out what went wrong.

Let me demystify this for you. I want to help you.

You didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t fuck it up. You don’t suck at manifesting. This process does work for you.

And while there are various things that can sometimes complicate our manifestation game (like you don’t truly want it, you don’t believe you can handle it when you get it, you don’t feel worthy of it…) This is what is often the missing link: You give up. You quit. You start telling yourself the story that “It just didn’t work…”

It just hasn’t worked yet. It hasn’t worked yet because you aren’t done working it.

You quit five minutes before your miracle.

What I say when someone comes to me about how the manifestation didn’t work is this:

It didn’t work yet. Your faith is the magical touch. Your belief is the missing piece. Your knowing is the substance that moves mountains.

When it doesn’t look like it’s coming, and you believe anyway, your faith has been activated and incredible shit can now happen.

That’s when manifestation truly starts. When you can sit in a confident still knowing against all odds.

It’s not that you must force or manipulate or control. You just have to know.

You have to change all the ideas in your brain that tell you that you can’t have it… And know. And relax.

And leave God/Universe/angels room to do their thing. Stay open to inspired guidance/doing your part. Stay open to the desired outcome occurring in a form that you never could have imagined.

Release. Trust. Relax. Know.

And let me be clear on this…

“Surrendering” and “trusting” and “Gods-will-be-done-ing” can be big fucking small-minded cop-outs that keep you in a state of self abandonment if they are the crutch you lean on/excuse you make when it’s time to own your God-given desires and mother effing believe.

There is a time and a place for asking something greater than you to choose for you. Of course there is. But there is also a time and a place to step into your greatness, put a demand on the Universe and believe.

I explain more in the video below:


.I love you!

What do you think about this? Do you think I’m batshit crazy? Does this sound forceful/wrong to you? Do you think I’ve gotten it all wrong? Do you think it can’t be this easy? Please tell me in the comment below the video! I’ll reply to all of you.

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