The Only Things You Actually Need to Start a Business

no more excuses 2

Just a smidgen over four years ago, I started this business. I’ve said it a million times, but I had no idea what the eff I was doing.

Since I didn’t know much, I was willing to listen to a lot of people who didn’t have the best advice.

If you haven’t noticed yet, there are a lot of people out there who try to make business really hard.

These people take a lot of pride in how hard it is to run a business and spend a lot of time running around spinning their wheels doing superfluous things.

Most of the things on my original long-ass Start-A-Business list that others were convinced I just HAD to do, are still not done.

Because they are not the things that actually matter.

In today’s video I go over what I believe actually matters in starting a business:



To review, the things you need to start a heart-centered business are:

1. A strong desire to give your gifts to the world. A belief in yourself and what you are here to share.

2. A willingness to be moved by your passion and take action daily. #noexcuses

3. Something to share/sell. Faith that it will sell as you share. A place to share it. (ie Facebook groups, YouTube, webinars, etc)

4. Someone to buy it. ie: A knowledge of who needs your work. The confidence to share with them what you can do for them. Language that conveys the value of your gift.

5. A readiness to exchange money for your gift. The understanding that your gift is worthy.


When I hear someone who is considering giving up on their coaching business say that manifesting the money, bringing in the clients, starting the website, or running the FB ad “just didn’t work” — I find myself feeling super confused.

What do you mean it didn’t work? Do you mean you stopped trying? Do you mean that you let the noise from your ego and from the outside world convinced you to give up before it was over? It sounds like it didn’t work because you didn’t work it. Do you want it or not? Are you called to make a difference or not? Is their a passion and purpose on the inside of you to help others or not? Because if their is… then that’s that. You hold the vision, you ask for guidance, you take inspired action daily and you figure your shit out.

The vision/desire/passion/purpose must out weigh the nonsense. Because some days their might be small hiccups. The thing is, you will get smarter all the time. The learning curve will become less steep for you. You will create better processes, schedules, programs and courses. You will learn how to do things more quickly and efficiently. Or you will hire people who know how to do it. It only gets easier, because you only get smarter and more business savvy as you go.


Yes, of course, I have read a few books, hired a coach, taken a couple courses, retained assistants, etc… And those things have helped me so much — but those aren’t the reasons the business ultimately worked. My determination to do my part and faith that it would work, outweigh everything else.

Today I encourage you to look at all the things you think you have to do before you can take the next steps in your business. Do they really need to be done? Are they THAT important. If the answer is yes, THEN DO THEM. If the answer is no, they start without them. Start without them — start before you are ready — start NOW — and do everything else as you go.


Like I said in the video, I still don’t have the microphone, tripod, lighting, etc that everyone said I needed to start a vlog — and here we are. Today’s video was made with a Starbucks cup as my tripod and the sunset as my lighting. Some may say that that is “not professional” enough of me, but according to who?!

Not being professional has not stopped me from creating a business I am fucking obsessed with and earning a hell of a lot of money.

I stopped myself from saying it in the video (I got really nervous and freaked out a little), but I made $20,000 last month. It’s true! I did! And it wasn’t that hard!

And I will buy some awesome lighting and set up a space in my home to vlog eventually, because I know what good lighting can do for your skin, but that is no reason not to vlog right now.

Letting things be easy is a choice. And it’s a choice you can make every step of the way in your business. ((PS: NEXT WEEK I am going over my tips for keeping it easy in business. It’s a good one! Stay tuned!)


Speaking of letting it be easy, my favorite way to leverage my time and make money is by creating online courses! Online courses aren’t the hard to set-up and once they created they make you money forever. For example, someone could purchase my Become a Money Making Life-Coach while I am in the middle of taking a yoga class and the money would go to my PayPal account automatically, triggering an email to be sent to them with the audio, video, homework, and affirmations for Week 1 of the course. I just got paid and gave beautiful content to a new student — and I am still in downward dog. Easy right?!

PS; I am going to go deeper into disproving the “hard work” myth often associated with starting and running a business in next week’s vlog. Stay tuned!

To letting the determination and faith outweigh everything else,