The Only Way to Go Big: Do it Afraid

Hey everyone. It’s Amanda!


Today, when I went in to pick out this week’s #widomdrop vlog, I stumbled upon an unpublished video from 2.5 years ago!

I am SO JAZZED at this feels perfectly on time and aligned with what I need to say to you today.

Here we go:

You guys know I talk a lot about showing up and taking the leap and going for it before you feel ready and making your life and business happen for yourself.

Like showing up and going big even though you’re afraid.

Sometimes we don’t talk about how hard it was for me to do this in all the different moments of growing this multimillion-dollar brand.

From every course launch when I didn’t know what I was doing, to putting myself out there as a coach, to crying on the kitchen floor with overwhelm before knowing how to build a team, while continuing to work through all my (seemingly very scary) limiting beliefs. There was a lot of freaking out once upon a time.

I’m not immune to any of the things all of us go through.

I did, however, get more used to doing it afraid over time.

I’ve did a lot of things even though I was really scared. I was really scared a lot of the time, but I learned to trust myself and my heart more as I went.

I know this for sure: It gets easier and easier as you go.

As you probably know, a big part of what Amanda Frances Inc. does is create and sell digital courses.

At the time of this video, I had just had my first six figure launch and was gearing up for my second one.

(Two and a half years later, I’ve had over 20 six figure launches.)

During that first big launch, I was selling this course that I knew a lot of people needed more than people were buying.

A lot of people signed up, we had great numbers, but that’s not what this is about at all…

I could see people going in and out of the cart.

(I can see when someone goes into the cart and doesn’t buy and leaves.)

It shows up as an incomplete sale.

So, I’m watching all these people go in and out of the cart without clicking the button…

… and I was just brought back to a memory, an experience I had nearly 7 years ago.

I had bought a domain name and started a blog to try and start putting myself out there as a life coach nine months before. I had maybe one or two clients. It was the very beginning of this business.

I knew there was something missing, I knew I was made for more.

I had asked for guidance and direction. I was willing to do life differently.

I was ready for miracles.

And I wasn’t really pissed off or distraught anymore… and I had gotten over being depressed that I didn’t know how to become a life coach.

I had moved into having a hopeful expectation. I was in faith. I had faith that the next thing was coming.

I walk into Barnes & Noble with the little girl who I was nannying at the time — straight to the self help section and out of no where the word “miracle” enters my mind.

I was like, “Huh? What God?”

So, I’m walking around thinking, “I’m a miracle? Life is a miracle? I should expect miracles?”

And this book stands out to me.



There is this book with this girl wearing a crazy sparkly dress and sporting Christian Louboutins.

It obviously stood out to me because I hadn’t yet bought any Louboutins at that point in my life and had them on my desires list.

I was like who is this blonde girl in this crazy dress?! And what the fuck is a Spirit Junkie?

It was Gabby Bernstein’s book. The first book of her’s I’ve ever read.

And the reason why I’m telling you this story is because I didn’t buy the book that day.

I sat down, I read the first chapter of the book. And I was really intrigued with some of the concepts right away. But, I left Barnes & Nobel and went back three times that week and I read one more chapter without buying it.

I think something in me knew that if I committed to buying that book, nothing would ever be the same again.

And nothing has ever been the same.

That was one of those moments where my life changed forever.

Because I found someone in the world who was doing something that resonated in my soul and who empowered others to believe that they could do it too and who was expanding on the principles that I had been playing with.

And who was just going to just maybe take me to the next level through a book.

(And then later, through the Spirit Junkie Masterclass.)

As I see people jump in and out of my cart, almost committing, but not being sure.

I remember not being willing, not being able to buy that fucking book.

And my advice to anyone who is on the verge of their next step would be this:

Give yourself that moment to feel all of it.

Act crazy. Feel scared. Experience those emotions… and then follow your heart.

Feel the fearful anticipation of: What does this mean? And why am I drawn to this? Why does it scare me? Why am I so attracted to it? Why is it staying on my mind?

Why do I keep going to Barnes & Nobel to read this damn book or why do I keep going in and out of this cart for this digital course.

It all means something.

That’s your intuition. That’s guidance starting to show up. That’s where you’re going.

That voice that is making you want to pick up that book or that course is important.

That voice is going to be your best friend in the world.

That voice is going to be the only thing you’l ever need.

That is your safe guidance system. That’s where you know what’s next. That’s love.

So be patient with yourself. Learn to follow that voice.

And when you get scared just remember this story.

If I hadn’t picked up that book — I may not be talking to you right now.



If I hadn’t picked up that book, I wouldn’t have learned that my work was of massive compensation. I wouldn’t have gone bigger with my baby life-coaching business. And I wouldn’t have started training coaches or creating digital courses.

(I would have eventually probably gotten here or somewhere close to here. But I don’t want to know how much longer it would have taken or what that path would have looked like.)

The bottom line is this: It is safe to follow your heart.

(I only have one tattoo and it says this: Follow your heart.)

What you do with your life is very important.

It matters a lot that you keep going.

I believe in you.

You are further along than you think.

You’re taking guidance and you’re being led.

And I’m very proud of you.

Tell me in the comments below this blog, how does this all feel to you? What do you think? How are you doing?

Team AF and I are here for you!

Sending all of the love…

massive love-2


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