The Six Figure Launch Project – Part One

Amanda Frances What do you really really want when it comes to your digital course/coaching program/product/offer? (Be super clear and specific! ie: How much money you desire. How many new clients.)

Amanda Frances Why do you want these things? How does obtaining these things benefit your life? The lives of others? The world?

Amanda Frances What crazy doubts and limiting beliefs are floating around in your head telling you that this goal/desire is not possible? Are those beliefs ultimately true? (Answer is no ;))

Amanda Frances What thoughts feel better/more true? (Pick something that feels hopeful and full of possibility. ie: My digital course is generating at least six figure. I will easily earn at least six figures through this launch.) This is your mantra!! Say it a million times a day! 

Amanda Frances This is the important part! You have to marry/latch on to/put faith in/believe deeply in your desire. You have to know it's yours. You have to hold the faith. You have to trust. When it looks like it's not working... Stand. Know. Believe. 

Amanda Frances Prepare! Who are your safe/supportive people to talk to about your goal? Who are the people who do not get it and will be bring you down? DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS TO THE LATER. Don't do it!!!

Amanda Frances Have fun... Remember, you are selling something the world desperately needs. You are making the world a better place. You are a rockstar. By not believing deeply in what you desire to give, you do the world a massive disservice. 

Amanda Frances Repeat! Every time you doubt your service/offer/product/course... Follow the above steps! It will move you through -- every time!

If you are stuck on any of this, come talk to me in the Spiritual Bad Ass Boss Ladies Group: It's free!