Business Basics Bootcamp

Hi love!

If you don't know me, I'm a digital course creator, a coach for coaches, and a money manifesting queen.

I believe I was put on this planet to help good-hearted women, who desire to help others, make the difference (and the cash money) they desire.

Over the past seven and a half years, I have helped thousands of women start and grow businesses.

Here is what I know for sure:

The world is full of incredible, gifted women who desire to make a difference in the world...

...who feel guilty for wanting what they want and confused on how to get what they want.

They often have a hard time believing in themselves and their work.

They feel stuck around how to start a business, attract and sign up clients, sell offers, earn their desired income, and run a profitable business.

I'm here to help you step into your purpose.

I get this shit.

Amanda Frances Inc. has earned over six figures each month for the past 21 consecutive months. AFI is currently generating $250k a month. And I'm just getting started.

My intention is this: To remind you what's possible for you.

There is nothing wrong with desiring money and meaning.

There is nothing wrong with you for being SO over your boring job, corporate career, or funky dynamics in your current business...

... and longing for another way.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make an impact... and earn an income.

There is nothing wrong with you.

And there is definitely nothing wrong with wanting what you want.

I’ve watched the principals I teach work in my life and in the lives of countless others.

One of the things that is different about me and my work...

... is that I understand the practical and the energetic. Deeply.

I understand the internal work of healing the past, removing limiting beliefs, clearing space for desires and becoming an energetic match for the things you want.

I also understand the external work of using the social medias to grow an audience who loves my work and loves to buy from me.

I know how to guide you through identifying your ideal client and allowing her to find you.

I understand how to teach you to brand and market your work based on your truth.

And I combine them in every business decision I make, system I create, and concept I teach.

I'm not your average business coach.

With this in mind, I am releasing a four part video training series: Business Basics Bootcamp.

Join me below for tips, tricks, tools, strategy, healing and fresh perspective around starting and growing your online business.

 Design a life and business you are wildly obsessed with
 Get your gifts/callings out into the world
 Use your personal experience, history, spiritual beliefs to help others
 Radically shift your limiting beliefs around what you are capable of
 Increase your confidence + belief in the inevitability of your success
 Make all decisions from a confident place of purpose, flow and trust
 Become an energetic match for soul-mate clients, more money + a large audience that loves you
 Shift into the frequency of daily receiving your desires with ease
 BONUS: In these trainings, Amanda riffs on many things she's learned from her 7+ years of growing an online empire. (From business structures, to taxes, to HOW to start, to raising your prices, etc etc etc) Nothing was off limits.

The Business Basics
Bootcamp Bundle is here!

Amanda Frances Video One: The Practical and Energetic Steps for Starting a Business (Valued at $197)
Amanda Frances Video Two: Attracting Soulmate Clients with Ease + Being Paid (Valued at $197)
Amanda Frances Video Three: Showing Up Online While Showing Up for Your Destiny (Valued at $197)
Amanda Frances Bonus: Video Four: The Energy of Manifesting Your Dream Business (Valued at $197)
Amanda Frances is between 29 and 35 minutes in length
Amanda Frances contains countless practical business tips + online strategies
Amanda Frances is filled with energetic principles + manifestation techniques
Amanda Frances is infused with energy to help you raise your vibration + attract on purpose
Amanda Frances Bonus! Guided inner work, journal prompts and affirmations for each of the four videos so you can apply the teachings to your life, business, and social media presence... today.
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These videos were recorded live for Amanda's audience online.

They are loaded with tips, tricks, tools, strategy, healing, powerful energy and fresh perspective on business.

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