The Time I Made $45k While Eating a Burger in Bed

One time I made over $45k as a result of a FB Live of me eating a burger in bed.

I ate, answered Qs, and talked about the lower priced offer I was selling at the moment.

Sometimes people get mad at me for saying that money gets to be easy...

... but I decided a long time ago that that is how it works for me.

Years later people still ask if I will share what has become known as the Burger in Bed Training.

Now, for context, this was filmed in 2017. It was my first seven figure year. I had been speaking a lot about the shift that had occurred for me as I viewed money as... easy.

Not everyone loved that I was saying that.

But... I had decided that I did not care.

I wanted to jump on a livestream and... riff about it all.

So, I did.

I shared that as I expanded into earning more money, more easily through streams of revenue I never before considered, I realized that this process of elevating into more ease, grace, flow, and trust...

... is never ending. And that...
And that... I know that what matters more than anything, is me choosing that my offers... and me... are enough. (It's enough because you know it is.)

It doesn’t matter if I’m dressed, or have on makeup, or feel like a hot mess, or have misspellings everywhere...

I refuse to do this in any kind of pretend or unnecessarily hard way.

And if someone doesn’t like me, or my style, or me eating in bed in my suite at the Waldorf Astoria (I was hungry and room service came faster than I expected) while talking about The Holiday Bundle... that’s cool. But I’m not going to slow down, hold back, or try to do this the way someone else thinks I should.

... while eating a cheddar bacon burger while making $45k from bed (or doing whatever it is you desire to do).


Like I said, all of these years later people often ask if they can watch this training, especially around the holidays.

So, we decided to make this AF Classic video training available for you!

Shift Your Limiting Beliefs with Ease: Identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from embodying the energy of your desired outcome.

Activate the Power of Your Own Decision: We are at our most powerful when we trust the direction of our own hearts and know with certainty that we can have our desires.

Share Your Gifts with the World: Create business practices and procedures that intentionally create the most joy, freedom, and flow for you.

Operate from a State of Flow: Grow in your understanding of - and ability to - allow ease, grace, and trust to be infused in your business and life. Allow your inner knowing, heart, and desires guide you. Give up the idea that 'hard work' is the only way.

Step Into the Life You are Meant to Live: Get even more ridiculously clear and honest with yourself about who you are, what you desire, where you are going, and what you know you are meant to do. The Next Level is better than you've allowed yourself to realize.

Bonus: Check out Amanda answering live FAQs during the training.


How to create new core beliefs to support your life and business.

 The question to ask yourself when you don't know what to do next.

 Exactly how inspired action, intentional work, and hustle can complement flow for you.

How to create energetic boundaries around what you are available for in life (including money) and what you are not.

The real reason(s) we sometimes manifest things we do not want.

BONUS: Check out a beautiful example of someone enjoying their work and making money while being fully themselves.


Hi loves.

If you don't know me...

I am a soulful online business guru, self made multi-millionaire, digital course creator and money-manifesting queen to the over 100,000 women who follow my work, enroll in my online courses, and work with me through masterminds, private coaching or VIP events.

I mentor, empower, train, and teach women, like you, to design a life and businesses they are wildly obsessed with.

Over the past 9 years I have grown Amanda Frances Inc into a multi-million dollar business that serves an incredible community of women who love to buy from me.

I didn't come from money. I started this thing with no mentor, team, or investors.

I grew this company myself the only way I knew how: With a fuck ton of heart, an unshakable belief in myself, and a big reliance on the divine.

Today, I own a couple properties in my home state (Oklahoma, represent!) and just purchased a multimillion dollar property at the edge of Beverly Hills and the WeHo design district in LA. I travel the world as I please. I'm surrounded by amazing humans who I love. I am supported by an incredible team.

Most importantly, I'm happy. I trust myself. I live in a flow with life and God.

It is my intention to increase the number of of empowered, self-expressed, wealthy women there are on this planet. When women like us realize that we are worthy of our desires and design our lives from this place, we shift the power differential on this planet. I don't take this mission lightly.

(bio from a few years ago now ^^)

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