The Wealthy Woman Bundle

The Wealthy Woman.

She knows who she is. And she knows what she stands for.

She trusts herself.

She trusts herself with money -- to generate it and receive it... to spend, save, invest and donate... to use it well.

She doesn't need to worry or fret. She knows better than to obsess over what could go wrong.

She knows what she's doing.

She knows the energy of money is limitless. She knows she can always generate more.

The Wealthy Woman doesn't need someone to like her or get her...

She knows her mission. She's in here lane. She's here on purpose.

She focused, yet flowing. She strong, yet sensitive.

She's human. She's real. And she knows her mother f*ing power.

The wealthy woman does not shrink down, play small, or blame others.

She shows up, designs her life and does her thing.

And yet, it is clear, she is working with something greater -- and energy of love and power -- that is much bigger than herself that she knows is always by her side.

Confident. Strong. Solid. Sure. Flowing. Trusting.

She is the Wealthy Woman.

She is you. She is me.

She is us when we are in our power, full of trust, strength, beauty, intention and love.

It is time to remember who the f*ck you are, step into who you were always meant to be, to own and embody the most radiant, wonderful and wealthy you.

It's time to step into your version of the wealthy woman... and live big.

Are you in?

Reestablish your identity. Feel that more money is not possible for you, could never come more easily to you, and will not work out for someone like you? I thought that too. Let's move toward this: Financial increase is who I am, how I live, and what I believe. It's part of my identity.

Give money a new roll in your life. View money in ways that support you in having having all you want. See money as a tool that amplifies and accelerates the best parts of you, your desires, your gifts and your life. Money is a good thing. It is safe to have more.

(If you view money as bad, negative, sticky, problematic, or troublesome, you will be conflicting around having it.)

Receive money  just because. Do you believe money can only come from hard-work, struggle or sacrifice? I love to work, but my work is not what makes me worthy of money. Money is available. Your worth is not in question. You get to receive. Because you do.

Feel incredible about money. Trust your path, your guidance, and desires. Release guilt, shame and fear. Step into your power around who you are, what you choose to have, and what you will now create. Get results. Go big.

Activate your next level. Elevation is always available. There is always room to earn more, receive more, generate more, spend more, save more, invest more, have more, and give more. The Wealthy Woman is always positioning herself for her next level.

Understand how money works. Do you ever receive money then attract expenses soon after? Does your debt go back up no matter how much you pay off? Can you not get past a certain income, savings amount, etc. I know why. Let's shift this.

Feel powerful with money. As money becomes less of a mystery, as you feel more comfortable with it, and us you understand how to attract, use, receive, and work with it more fully... you'll have a new powerful resource in your life.

Become The Wealthy Woman. She lives inside of you. She is the real you. She is aligned with her heart and desires. She is continually supported in her work, life, love, money and dreams. It's time to know her, activate her, and allow her to take the lead.

Your evolution and limitless opportunities.

Topics: Why math doesn't matter why traditional savings plans don't work. Recognizing unsupportive ideas around money. Un-linking money from hard work or other things you hate. Realizing we bought into and made up a lot of dumb things about money. Realizing your power.

When money replenishes itself. Being with money. Feeling safe with money. Trusting yourself with money. Staying on your path of advancement no matter what. Releasing what everyone thinks about you. PS: Yes, it really can be that good. PPS: Your worth is not in question.

Deciding what works for you and how it works.

Topics: You are worthy of money because you are. Resentment and the gift that is hidden inside of it. Reinforcing the reality you want. Shifting and forming new supportive core beliefs. The inspired action is always the right action. The easiest and most simple way to become an energetic match. Why some 'bad' people are able to attract money and how to use this principle that in your favor.

Becoming the Wealthy Woman

Topics: Facing your fears as you grow. Showing up as yourself. Becoming fascinating. Locking who you are and who you decide to be. Letting what other people do have nothing to do with you. Taking your actions from the energy of having what you want. No more waiting. Receiving is an action verb. When consistency is standard.

Normalizing your big leap. Hitting the next level no matter what. Expansive budgeting. The energy that allows the tide to turn, the ground to shift and your increase to come.

Living as The Wealthy Woman

Recorded in February of 2021 as AFI was having our first $750k month, topics include: How to be with money and live out the experience of money you want. Living as the exception to the rule. Being the empowered one with money. Breaking the way it's always been. Who better than you to have a good life. Viewing money as good. Staying open to money. Normalizing and becoming safe with money.

What to do with the limits, barriers and bullshit in your industry, company or workplace. What to do with the guilt of having more than others. Doing your part to create a world that works for all and breaking patterns of how money has always been. Raising minimum financial standards. Quantum leaping. The energy of this one is so, so good.

The Ease and Embodiment of The Wealthy Woman

Recorded in the fall of 2021 as we were closing in on a $6.8 million dollar year, topics include; Aligning your identity to support your destiny. Not transferring our restrictive beliefs on to our children. Qualifying yourself for what you want. No longer reducing ourselves to one aspect of all we are meant to be. Viewing all of our desires as valid. Allowing all of our desires to take form. Being all of who we are. Maintainable and sustainable growth (no one hit wonder vibes). Financial consistency as a way of being. Working with yourself to call in what you want, on repeat forever. A fresh perspective toward debt. Allowing more in. Realigning to all we desire. Establishing the set-points for your life.

The energy of this video is that of allowing. It is the demonstration of ease and embodiment of The Wealthy Woman. She is not trying so hard. She simply... is.

Resiliency and Your Personal Power (NEW!)

Recorded in early 2023, this brand-new module is all about your personal power. Topics: It is time we get resilient. It is time to remember our co-creative power. It’s time to thrive through uncertain times. When the world goes mad is not the time to shrink back or play small. It is the time to decide who we will be and where we will go from here. It’s time to reaffirm what we know and chose to be real for us.

Affirmations, journal prompts and (really good) homework.
Team Amanda Frances and I have added affirmations, journal prompts, and strategic homework to each of the five videos to help you integrate these principles into your life as you go through the content.

Transcripts for each video
. Follow along if you prefer. If you would like to read while you watch or instead of watching, you have that option!

Receive a coupon code for my world famous course, Money Mentality Makeover. If you want to go deeper into these concepts with me, I have your back. During my next open enrollment period, you get a $444 off coupon code you can use toward Money Mentality Makeover. (This bundle is included in the full Money Mentality Makeover course.)

Amanda Frances is a world-renowned thought leader on financial empowerment for women.

She is also an author, teacher, entrepreneur and mama.

Through her wildly popular digital courses, her best selling book "Rich as F*ck," highly engaging online presence, her "And She Rises" podcast, and free daily content, meditations and trainings distributed across her social media channels daily... she empowers women to design lives and businesses they are wildly obsessed with.

She has written for Forbes, Business Insider, Glamour, and Success Magazine.

She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Flaunt, US Weekly, ET, and others.

Combining her background in ministry and mental health counseling with practical advice and a deep knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, Amanda isn’t quite like any other "coach" (we hate that word) you’ve encountered.

A true self-made woman, Amanda taught herself how to build her first website while putting herself through graduate school.

A decade later, Amanda Frances Inc. is an eight-figure global brand serving clients and students in 99 countries.

Her mission has always been to get the power of money into the hands of good hearted women who are here to change the world. Today, she is doing so.

Amanda is from Sand Springs, Oklahoma and currently resides with her partner, new baby and two step children in Los Angeles, California.

Seeing abundance and opportunity through all obstacles and interferences.

Becoming clear and confident in what you want and what you can have.

Creating inner, conflict-free peace around the topic of money.

Trusting yourself and your inner guidance.

Becoming bold and discerning in your action steps.

Letting things get easier and easier for you.

Being brilliantly distinct from the rest.

Turning any struggle, hardship, trial or confusion into wealth.

The Wealthy Woman creates wealth in her mind from the way she thinks, creates wealth in her emotions from the way she feels, and holds wealth in her body from the way she moves. She can turn anything into money. Everything she does, thinks, believes or says makes her more money. She is the wealthy woman.

  • You are MAGIC, Amanda Frances. - Sarah

  • This is epic! Thank you so much for talking about this! - Jaime

  • Such a a breath of fresh air to hear you speak on your vibe around money.  - Gianna

  • Yasss! This is exactly what I needed to hear! - Angharad

  • Video one was SO EYE OPENING. Exactly what I was going through. Perfect timing as always AF. - Andrea

  • What I love most about you Amanda is that you are unapologetically you and you do what you want with zero fucks about what others think or say - this inspires me so much and this alone is continually changing my life on a daily basis. Grateful for you. - Kehla

  • This is SO good! Thank you! - Jasmine

  • I LOVE this homework! - Bianca

  • Your homework always get to the core. Revealing my vision and helping me holding vibrations towards it always causes it flow to me. You are such a gift! - Anke

  • Loving video two! So grateful for you! - Laura

  • You always 'trigger' me, and I always grow from it! - Hollie

  • Loved video three. It's perfect. - Heather

  • This is Incredible as always.  I've heard you so many times but every single time...I hear something in a new way. Thank you for bringing it so fiercely yet gracefully. - Angie

  • The homework from The Wealthy Woman Bundle has been so game changing for me. Thank you thank you thank you. - Lisa

  • I always know that once get into Amanda’s energy I’ll feel better for the rest of the day. - Tori

  • Your energy is why I will listen to you. Even when I can't pay close attention, it changes me. - Cyndi

  • You are the best in the world with this topic, Amanda! Thank you. - Cindy

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The first three videos were recorded as AFI was generating $450k a month. The fourth video was recorded as AFI generated a $750k month for the first time. The fifth video was recorded as we were closing in on a $6.8 million year. The sixth video was recorded in early 2023 to address some recurring Qs and themes. These videos were recorded as part of livestream events during digital course launches in 2020, 2021 & 2023.

If these videos were sold separately, the cost would add up to over $1,750.

What can I expect from this bundle?

Six intentionally created training videos on the topics of wealth and expansion. A fresh, thoughtful, and effective approach to money. Explanations of spending, debt, resentment, budgets, and savings that just make sense. Journal prompts, homework, and affirmations laid out for you. A renewed belief in yourself and your endless financial possibilities.

 I'm very busy. What if I don't have time to do the bundle now?

You have lifetime access and all future updates to this program. It is up to you when you start. Often people tell me they love my bundles so much that they go through them more than once and/or play the content in the background of their lives.

What is the difference between your courses and bundles?

My courses are much longer, usually six to eight week programs, that take you through a process of how to do or create something specific. Each module builds on the one before to take you through a process. Think: Steps. Details. How-to's. While I still riff on various things, courses are much more structured than bundles. They are filled up with various bonuses to support and expand on course content.

My bundles are a compilation of videos in which I riff on concepts, energies, and ways of doing the things across various topics. I share what I do, how I think, why, and how it works for me, and how you can implement the principles and concepts to support you. They are like an energy infusion. They comes with journal prompts, affirmations, and homework. They are much shorter than courses. I am able to keep the price low by creating something that does not require any additional time or energy from my team once it is created and rarely needs updates. Both my courses and bundles were originally recorded live.

What is the difference between this and your other money bundles?

Drop the Money Struggle Bundle assists you in identifying the memories, history and pain points that have made your relationship with money more complicated and less supportive than it was meant to be. And then shows you want to do about it -- helping you to shift in a new way of being with, relating to, and allowing in, money. It is the most foundational.

Energy and Frequency of Money Bundle is about the energy and frequency of money. ;) It is about how money works, how to be a match for it, and how to step out of the dysfunctional patterns we have with it.

The Wealthy Woman Bundle is special. It is about money, but it's also about you. It's about who you are, how you show up in this world and what that creates. It's about standing in your worth and claiming your power. It about stepping into your next level of growth, abundance, and creating an empowered financial reality of more than enough. It's about becoming The Wealthy Woman -- the queen of money in your life.

All three bundles are good. Do whichever one will motivate you to get started with this type of work now.

What is the difference between this and Money Mentality Makeover?

MMM is a nine module course with 21+ hours of bonus content. It is 6x the price of the Wealthy Woman Bundle. Enrollment for MMM opens each February. (And sometimes for a one additional open enrollment in the Fall.) However, if you enroll in The Wealthy Woman Bundle now, you get $444 off MMM during my next enrollment period.

MMM is more in depth due to the nature of my full-blown digital courses.

Can I combine the coupon code for Wealthy Woman with my coupon code for DTMS or EFM toward MMM?

Absolutely. You can definitely combine them all.

Are you offering a payment plan?

YES! I love payment plans. You will find the payment options when you click to enroll.

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Although our policy is no refunds on digital products, I want to ensure that you have a chance to review my teaching style in case you are new here. So, if after reviewing the initial content you feel this is not for you, please email us at within 48 hours of your purchase (and having not consumed more than the first module) and we will process your refund.

Can you guarantee specific results?

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Although our policy is no refunds on digital products, I want to ensure that you have a chance to review my teaching style in case you are new here. So, if after reviewing the initial content, you feel this is not for you, please email us at within 48 hours of your purchase (and having not consumed more than the first module) and we will process your refund.

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