The Wealthy Woman Meditation

>> vibrate as the wealthy woman <<

Hi hi my love.

Question: When you think about money — or your desire for more of it — how do you feel?

Happy, liberated and excited?

Or anxious, frustrated, and fearful?

The stories and ideas that you have picked up from your family and culture about money have created paradigms and dynamics for how you believe money works for you. This is your subconscious programming.

This combined with the…

>> Thoughts you think

>> Feelings you feel

>> Images you imagine

… about money determine your vibrational state.

Your vibrational state determines what you easily attract into your reality.

Luckily, we can rearrange all of your conscious and subconscious programming when it comes to your relationship with money and the role you allow money to play in your life.

My job is to help you shift your vibration around money so you can earn, attract, and receive it more easily.

Your initial reaction to the above question about money, gives us some good insight on what your current vibrational state is.

We have done something magical over here at Amanda Frances Inc.!

As you may know that along with my team, I am holding the intention to go viral on YouTube to expand the reach of my work.

Our breakout video, I Love Myself Meditation had a very exciting first month with so much positive feedback + 13k views, and many, many breakthroughs for people.

So — obviously — we are kicking it up a notch.

We have taken one of my most loved meditations and truly enhanced the royal F out of it!

We have added binaural beats, subliminal money-making messages, and 432 hz vibes!

This meditation was already such a vibe, and now it is like… all of the vibes.

Through meditations like this one, we can begin to shift your default vibrational state with money.

So you can attract more money, more naturally and effortlessly.

Through the use of binaural beats and subliminal messages, we can speed up this process for you.

From there, your next step is to rework the old patterns and beliefs that don’t serve you through programs like Money Mentality Makeover.

You are worthy of deep love, royal F tons of money, and a deeply fulfilling life.

Please enjoy this free 8-minute guided Wealthy Woman meditation

It’s time to visualize and manifest your most abundant life. You are worthy of your dreams + desires.

I truly know you will love this.

Use this to embody and become the wealthy woman that you are meant to be.

Fall in love with yourself.

Fall in love with your life.

Trust and own your ability to earn + receive the cash-money.

I am here to help you do this!

Grab your earbuds and dig in now!

>> The Wealthy Woman Meditation <<

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