The World is Waiting: 15 Signs That You May Be Born to See the World


1. you feel like your bones are itching and your insides are working their way to the outside when you haven’t gotten out of your city, state, or country in a few weeks.

2. traveling is not stressful to you. it may be (one of) the only time(s) in life where you feel no stress, obligation or pressure. everything just works.

3. you can make friends with anyone, anywhere even when they don’t speak the same language as you. you think you might get that “we are all one” thing.

4. you may be more at home when you’re not at home than any other time.

5. when you get alone with yourself  in far away land, you feel like yourself – your true true self.

6. you’ve thought about the long-term/life-long course you’d like your life to take and seeing the entire world feels nonnegotiable.

7. so many times you’ve come back feeling so different than when you left, and wonder as to how everything at home could still look the same.

8. you have no clue what the fuck people are talking about when they say they want to “get home to their bed” after a trip. and you have a super comfortable bed.

9. you’ve had your eyes opened to other aways of life and realized time and time again, that we really are all the same. you want to go realize it some more.

10. at all times, you are kind of thinking of all your potential travels.

11. hostel? hotel? couch-surf? resort? plane? train? car? bus? boat? ferry? you’ve done it all (at least almost and sometimes all in one trip) and you’re pretty sure you could work any of the above out as long as it means traveling. you are a fantastic improviser.

12. you know it’s crazy, but your pretty sure you feel the whole world calling to you, telling you to come see it.

13. you are pretty sure you can do all the things you love, make money, and see the entire world. most businesses are now run on the internet anyway, right? you think it’s silly that people find this unrealistic. you are ready to go prove them wrong.

14. at the end of each trip, you think you might not get on the plane. you sometimes wonder if on the next trip, you might just keep going and never stop.

15. it scares you how appealing the idea of this seems to you, but that’s how you know you probably have to try.


Ps: I started writing a book. It’s called Backpacking for the High-Maintenance Girl. I’m writing it with my friend, Megan. It’s very entertaining and almost as informative. Stay tuned.


Love you,

amanda frances mckinney


me in florence 2010Venice. 2010.

me in jerusalem 2011

Jerusalem. 2011.

me in rome

Tuscan Hills. 2010.