Manage Your Time with Ease: Three Tips

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Hello lovers!

This week’s vlog is a good one!

We are talking about something we all have to deal with on the daily: TIME!

If you are like me, my clients, and most planet…  You may have more of a negative relationship with time then you realize.

“Ugh! There is just enough time!” “I’m running out of time!” “I’ll never get this done on time!” Sound familiar? 

Like everything else in life, our internal dialog has everything to do with our external experience.

My intention in this blog today is to help you shift your self-talk around time, drop some limiting beliefs, pick up some good habits and begin to believe that time is on your side.


Next time you are overwhelmed by your to do list and feel like time is running out, try these three tips. (Watch the video version below!)

1. Shift the Negative Self-Talk

Instead of saying the above crazy-negative phrases saturated into our cultures and psyches, try this.

– Time is on my side.
– There is always enough time for me.
– I am getting things done so much more quickly then I imagined.

When I change my attitude, I find that I get in the fastest check-out lane at the grocery store, get the most helpful customer service person in the world on the phone, receive a letter in the mail that the thing I needed to call about has been resolved, and basically find the to do list taking care of itself.


2. STOP Doing Shit You Don’t Want to Do.

You may have one or five things in the back of your mind all of the time that you have been meaning to do/worrying about doing/avoiding doing. I used to do this to myself until I learned to ask myself this one question: “Do I WANT to do this?”

If the item has been sitting on your to-do list for ages and has not been done, and the world has kept spinning… There is probably a reason that you are avoiding it. Does it really need to be done? Is it necessary? Is it important? Is it helpful? Does it matter? Do you want to do it??

A lot of the time, people find themselves taking on unnecessary responsibilities, tasks and projects and forgetting to ask, “Do I want to do this?”

If you don’t want to do it, I suspect that there are numerous ways to get it off your plate. Consider rearranging, delegating, or removing it completely. Ask to be guided in this and don’t be surprise if the tasks disappears or is taken over by someone else.

With this in mind, I 100% recommend all business owners hire a virtual assistant (or two). There are people out there who will do for you the things that you do not want to do – and enjoy it! For between $10-$30/hour you can have someone spend a couple of hours on something that would have taken you days to figure out and execute yourself. I have unapologetically hired TWO people who regularly help me do the ends and outs of my business. This has (no doubt) made me money.Because I am slightly controlling and completely hands on, they teach me the things they did for me, so I always know exactly what’s going on and how to quickly make changes to their work. Even control freaks can hire people to help them ;) ((Contact and for my girls! Tell them Amanda Frances sent you!))

Removing the things you do not love from your life will free up the brain space and energy you have been subconsciously devoting to it. And you need this brain space to stay in the flow of your creative genius (the things you love and are naturally good at) as much of the time as possible).



So if it does need to be done now and YOU are the one that has to do it then: DO IT NOW!

When we procrastinate, analyze and worry about doing the dreaded thing we are avoiding we make it SO much bigger in our minds then it has to be. We worry about how long we are going to have to wait on hold, think about how annoying the customer service people are at the cable company and in turn create a dreaded experience for ourselves once we get around to calling.

Just a couple days ago I got a super annoying email that my car insurance was being cancelled. I was so annoyed and did not feel like I had to time to attend to the matter. Instead, I took my own advice. I took a deep breath, prayed that that issue would be resolved quickly, asked for a helpful customer service person and called my insurance company right then. Within a few minutes they were able to let me know that there was a mistake and that all they would need was a copy of my current drivers license. I emailed them immediately and spent only 8 minutes on the entire thing before it was resolved.

Normally I would have waited and procrastinated and built the entire thing up in my head until I added a bunch of negative energy to the situation and created an actual problem.

My advice: Pray. Get yourself in a good place. Expect the best. And make the call — NOW.



I love you,

Amanda Frances



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