Turning Shit Into Gold

Recently, I experienced a super uncomfortable situation of old friends + peers talking about me on the internet.

After grieving, sharing, taking my power back, and energetically rearranging the situation, I decided to host a training on how to:

Process, forgive, and release any situation...  and transform it into something positive and (if you so desire) profitable.


In the training, we focused on allowing ourselves to heal through painful situations...

I'm not sure what could be better.

Here are some kind words from those who have enrolled in Turning Shit into Gold.

"So validating and helpful and insightful and motivating!" - Marie Alexis

"This was incredible." - Rebecca Adams

"I now see how I get to receive money and prosperity through everything I do. And that more love and prosperity is returned to me the more I share my heart. Creating good things from my heart allows more and more good things to come my way. I get it." - Arwen McLaughlin

"This was WAY MORE than I expected. I didn't know I had anything to move on from but I feel like I have moved on to the next level! This training spoke to me so much. I'm really glad I signed up for this." - Rosa Lee

"I am so grateful to of jumped on this opportunity! I now have an overwhelming sense that I've got this. I felt so many shifts from the beginning of the training on. Thank you." - Kimberely Hamilton

(the bottom two specifically mention the training)
During the training I shared my unique processes for:

53-xox Forgiving + releasing others to release yourself from the pain.

53-xox Neutralizing the energy of a situation.  

53-xox Sharing about your situations in ways that are healing for you as you choose.

53-xox Realigning your energy to a pure intention to serve. 

53-xox Using it all to contribute to the healing of the world, always.

53-xox Positioning yourself as an expert and leader intentionally regardless.

53-xox And, obvi, how to turn anything and everything into cash money. Every time.

I can't wait for you to experience the in-depth inspiration, and intention of this insightful and healing experience.

Hi loves. It's Amanda.

If you don't know me, I am a self-made multi-millionaire, digital content creator, world traveler, and am affectionately referred as, "the money queen" by my audience.

Let's start at the beginning: I am a regular girl from Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

Nothing about the life I was born into adds up to the life I have now.

I am a pretty determined person. And I am certainly not afraid of hard work.

But creating this life was about so much more than that.

Greater than any practical aspect of growing my business, is what occurs internally for me.

I have found tremendous power in learning how to change my mind, feel my emotions, heal my false perceptions, create my experiences and live in confident expectations around how I design my life.

The results of the above have been beyond worth it.

Amanda Frances Inc earns over $300k each and every month. (Our highest grossing month is $410k.) I live a life with options. I know how to create my own opportunities. I own investment properties, rent a sick beach house, employ a kick ass team, and am surrounded by amazing humans. (Not to brag or make you v annoyed at me, but to paint a picture.)

Life is full of weird shit.

There are unexpected challenges, struggles, trauma and heartbreak. We know this.

But I also know that we can rise up. And overcome.

Again and again and again.

I do believe we can choose to have it all. It is my intention to increase the number of of empowered, wealthy women there are on this planet.

When women like us learn to earn in ways that feel good to them, we shift the power differential on this planet. And the world becomes a better place.

I don't take this lightly.

Sign up for this training and receive instant access to:

The 1 hour and 28 minute training video + my five step process for Turning Shit into Gold.

Plus homework + affirmations to support you in integrating the concepts.

I am so overjoyed!

The insights, breakthroughs, shifts, and aha moments that are occurring for those who enroll in this training are making me seriously happy.

The information, concepts, and inspiration that came through were greater than I could have imagined.

Not to mention the transformational and healing energy, that can be felt throughout the training.

It is such an honor to teach this content and do this work.

And I can not wait to see what those of you who are enrolling now do with this in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

Turning Shit Into Gold is priced at:

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REFUND POLICY: Please note that due to the nature of this training and that it is immediately available to you in its entirety, all sales are final and there are no refunds. If you have questions, please email support@amandafrances.com before ordering.