Turning Shit Into Gold

Hi loves. I'm Amanda.

I am a self-made multimillionaire, best selling author, and owner of an eight figure brand known for creating personal development courses for women.

Meaning, I am someone who loves to turn sh*t into gold.

And I'm quite good at it.

Life brings us sh*t -- we all know that.

But we can transform it.

I have taken countless seemingly bad, negative, unfortunate, painful situations and intentionally transformed them to be used for my ultimate good and the good of those around me, in nearly every area of my life. A few examples:

Money. I was a lower middle class girl from the middle of nowhere who is now a wildly financially empowered woman. (To paint a picture for you: I own a home in Bel Air that I'm renovating and am leasing a penthouse in Beverly Hills.)

Relationships. For years, I was stuck in a pattern of painful, soul-crushing experiences with men (I could not figure out how or why I always seemed to push love away). Today, I live a great life with the love of my life who is everything I wanted -- and more. I created it.

Work. I was an overworked, on edge, highly anxious woman who continually felt like she had to do everything herself -- who did not know how to trust people -- Who today feels supported by life and those around her. (I can not tell you what a miracle this is.)

Family. This one sometimes has two parts: Our family of origin and the family we've chosen. For me answer is was same: Knowing our power. Choosing to create our desires.

Chosen family: I felt I couldn't have it all. I feared that if I finally had a family, my career would suffer. Spoiler: It didn't. (This is the part where people say, "She probably has a nanny." I don't. But the miracle is not in my schedule or my ability to work while my kids are at school.) The miracle is the transformation in my belief around what was possible for me, my stories about my role in the home as a woman, and my energetic decisions about my partner and how he shows up.

Family of origin: The way I let people talk to me, the obligation I felt, the painful memories combined with the dire need for space... family was tricky for me. Today, it's not. I know how to set a boundary. I know how to show up for myself. I know how to hold my power -- with anyone.

And the list goes on...

In any area in which I struggled, I have transformed it, worked it, used it and sometimes monetized it -- while holding the intention to allow it all to create great impact, lasting influence, more happiness, love and support in my life....

Using the same principles and foundation every time.

Your desire or intentions may look different than mine. That's not the thing. This process can apply to anything. The thing is this:

No pattern or dynamic can continue without your consent and participation.

So, let's alchemize it.

All of it.

The bottom line:

We all deal with shit.

We experience frustrations, aggravation and a lack of harmony inside of ourselves and in our relationships with others.

We need a new foundation.

We need a new way of seeing, doing and handling the seemingly bad, negative and unfortunate parts of life.

We need to know how to take any situation and transform it in a way that liberates us and excites us.

There is so much freedom and joy in knowing that you can change, transform and rearrange any situation.

This is a whole new world -- a whole new way of doing things.

You will love it. And you will never be the same.

Includes my unique process for forgiving + releasing others, processing the pain, and neutralizing the energy of any situation. How to talk about your experiences in ways that are helpful for others and healing for you (without dumping your sh*t into on to people in an energetically messy way). Realigning your intention to love and serve amidst chaos. Using it all to contribute to the healing of all, always. Positioning yourself as you want to be seen intentionally no matter what is occurring around you. And, how to turn anything and everything into your ultimate good. Every time.


Module two is made up of three videos. It is 2.5 hours long.

What does it mean to finally allow in everything you want in love, dating, and relationships?

Let’s look at how you show up in this area and what it creates for you. Let’s identify patterns, observe the pain, acknowledge our part, see where we have work to do, and allow ourselves to finally let love in. This applies whether you are currently single or committed. And whether you are currently seeking a relationship or not. This is about healing, accepting, growing, and being love.

Inside of it I tell my story - a story that I’ve never told before - of how I absolutely destroyed a relationship with my unhealed open, gaping wounds and unprocessed pain, how I got to the root of it, moved through it all, called in the love of my life, and now have a wildly happy, supportive, loving, and understanding relationship.

In this module I share everything that I have learned about love and relationships. (This applies whether traditional gender roles apply to your relationship or not.) This is a full, incredible life-changing module. People LOVE this one.



There is the potential for sh*t in every area of business, but very rarely do I experience it in mine. In my company, we don’t get consumed by the internet rules or get caught by the bullsh*t of the industries we work in -- media, coaching, online education, real estate, digital marketing. We stand above it all. Intentionally. We stand for integrity, profitability, and love.

I own, run, and lead a company that feels good, operates by massive flow, makes more money continually, and is a very happy place to work -- for me and for everyone who supports me.

There is so much opportunity for sh*t when you’re starting and growing a business, creating an online presence, becoming visible, having your work copied, etc. I have turned it all into gold. All. Of. it. I live - and work - at a standard of gold.

My bank account, the quality of my life, and my internal happiness reflects this.

This isn’t about doing things my way. This is about understanding the energy and mindset that creates this kind of life, environment, and financial overflow and making it your own in whatever ways you choose.


You know that belief that says you can't be a good mother and successful?

F*ck that.

What about the one that says women do more than men around the house?

Not here for it.

What about the one that says moms have to be exhausted all of the time?

Hell f*cking no.

What about the obligation you feel toward your parents?

Let's remove that.

Or the idea that you owe something to someone in your family for helping you?

Let's release the dysfunctional patterns of loyalty... for good.

This isn't about forcing or manipulating your parents, children, or partner into being something they are not. This is about deciding what you stand for and letting your whole world rearrange around it.


New module! You are responsible for how you let people speak to you and treat you. We need boundaries. We need to know how to say a firm no. We need to know how to respect ourselves.

We need to be comfortable with people being mad at us. We need to know when we are complete with a person, dynamic, relationship or role that is not working for us.

We need energetic boundaries. And, sometimes, we need spoken boundaries.


Peer Support Group. Gain access to a private Facebook group exclusive to the 2022 Class of Turning Sh*t into Gold. Module five will be hosted and recorded live in this group. I will leave time for live Q+A.

Affirmations + journal prompts + homework: I've added affirmations and guided inner work to each of the modules to help you integrate the principles found in each video quickly.

Turning Sh*t into Gold Transformation Meditation. I created a 15 minute meditation to support you in holding the frequency of a major shift in your sh*tty situation. This meditation will help you own your power, decide your outcome and create what you desire. This yours when you enroll.

** As always, you have lifetime access and any future updates to all content.


“I Turn Sh*t into Gold. Gold, baby. Gold!“ Affirmation Mug!


Create an intentional moment with this mug as you enjoy your favorite coffee, tea, matcha, or other beverage of choice while you take in the course concepts and content, journal through the homework, and alchemize your entire life.


This mug is a gift from me for the first 100 people to select the pay-in-full option upon check out. (The rest of the bonuses + all course content is for everyone no matter the payment option you choose.)

I can't wait for you to experience the inspiration, intention and insight of this content and container.

"So validating and helpful and insightful and motivating!" - Marie Alexis

"This was incredible." - Rebecca Adams

"I literally JUST watched this entire training over the weekend and it was SO GOOD Amanda!  I’m so excited for the new modules. I literally cannot even imagine how it can get even better!! You’re the best!" - Katie Rollins

"First module is really good. I have listened to it a couple of times, and it helped me last summer working through some tough times. Will definitely try to join the live session, even though I live in Sweden." - Marika Torsdotter

"I now see how I get to receive money and prosperity through everything I do. And that more love and prosperity is returned to me the more I share my heart. Creating good things from my heart allows more and more good things to come my way. I get it." - Arwen McLaughlin

"This was WAY MORE than I expected. I didn't know I had anything to move on from, but I feel like I have moved on to the next level! This program spoke to me so much. I'm really glad I signed up for this." - Rosa Lee

"I am so grateful to of jumped on this opportunity! I now have an overwhelming sense that I've got this. I felt so many shifts from the beginning of the training on. Thank you." - Kimberly Hamilton

Amanda Frances is a world-renowned thought leader on financial empowerment for women.

She is also an author, teacher, entrepreneur and mama.

Through her wildly popular digital courses, her best selling book "Rich as F*ck," highly engaging online presence, her "And She Rises" podcast, and free daily content, meditations and trainings distributed across her social media channels daily... she empowers women to design lives and businesses they are wildly obsessed with.

She has written for Forbes, Business Insider, Glamour, and Success Magazine.

She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Flaunt, US Weekly, ET, and others.

Combining her background in ministry and mental health counseling with practical advice and a deep knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, Amanda isn’t quite like any other "coach" (we hate that word) you’ve encountered.

A true self-made woman, Amanda taught herself how to build her first website while putting herself through graduate school.

A decade later, Amanda Frances Inc. is an eight-figure global brand serving clients and students in 99 countries.

Her mission has always been to get the power of money into the hands of good hearted women who are here to change the world. Today, she is doing so.

Amanda is from Sand Springs, Oklahoma and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

TSIG was initially created to share my process for forgiving and releasing any situation, transforming it into something beautiful (and often profitable) and using it for good.

Module one is the foundation of spiritual alchemy.

I created the first module of this training to share my process for forgiving and releasing any situation, transforming it into something beautiful and profitable, and using it for good after I experienced some hurtful, hateful, and triggering nonsense online.

Later, I felt I was meant to add to it -- expanding on the concepts and explaining how to transform the sh*t in other areas of your life into pure gold...

So, I added new content.

I added a 2.5 hour module on love.

This is literally everything I know, and learned that supported me in letting in incredible love from a beautiful man.

It's the longest module of my career (2.5 hours).

I added a module on business.

In my business, we don’t get consumed by the bullsh*t or rules of any industry we do things in (media, online education, coaching, investing). We stand above it all. We stand for integrity, profitability, and love.

I own, run, and lead a company that feels good, operates by massive flow, makes more and money continually, and is a very happy place to work -- for me and for everyone who supports me.

I share the energy and mindset that creates this kind of life, environment, and financial overflow and how to make it your own.

I added a module on family.

Family can feel so complicated, messy and restrictive... but it does not have to.

Let's release the dysfunctional patterns of loyalty and obligation. Let's look at and redefine what it means to be a 'good' mother or partner. Let's fully rearrange the f*cked up ideas that say we can not have money, love and family all at once. It's time all of this realigns.

New this year: A module on boundaries.

Here is the thing: You are responsible for how you let people speak to you and treat you. Good hearted people sometimes get caught up in giving the benefit of the doubt to... everyone. We need boundaries. We need them with family, friends, work, etc.

We need to know how to say a firm no. We need to know how to respect ourselves.

We need to be comfortable with people being mad at us. We need to know when we are complete with a person, dynamic, relationship or role that is not working for us.

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The concepts, information, and inspiration that are embedded in this program are incredible.

The transformational and healing energy, that can be felt throughout the training is greater than I expected.

I am overjoyed to add to Turning Sh*t into Gold again this year and continue to build it out into the newest classic AF program.

And I can not wait to see what you do with this content, process, and energy in your life.

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