…even the rain…


I was reminiscing of my 2010 escapade around Europe earlier today. Wandering the cobblestone streets all day. Stopping to journal and sip espresso. Gelato. Lots and lots of carbs. And lots and lots of rain. I began thinking about how much I enjoyed the walking and biking. If the weather decided not to cooperate I just opened my umbrella and went by foot on my merry way.


The rainy days (and there were LOTS of them during my month in Europe) are now one of my favorite memories of my travels. Enjoying the rain instead of retreating inside was freeing. And still feeling pretty and put together no matter the surroundings, is always a plus.


My lovely little memories of one of the best decisions I ever made (i.e. up and jetting to Europe alone with some graduation money and a credit card immediately after finishing undergrad) inspired me to Google pretty pictures of rainy days in Europe. Which then turned into pretty pictures of rainy days in Manhattan…


Since rain may follow us where ever we go during some seasons of life, I decided we could all use a little umbrella inspiration.


Taylor, just as chic as can be, in Paris.

Emma Stone changing my life a little with classic and sophisticated black.

Olivia reminding us all what confidence and adventure in fashion looks like.

Emma Watson making us all crave a large clear umbrella, stat.

Taylor in Hyde Park, London. Love.

An Older Audrey showing us how it’s done, as usual. Classic.

Me, a gondola ride, champagne, and an umbrella in Venice, Italy.

Me somewhere in Italy giving an example of the all-carb-diet.

Standing between the fountain at Place de La Concorde and the Eiffel Tower.

To embracing it all… even the rain,



Amanda Frances