My week in Travels: Austin and Tulsa

I love birthdays and I love my man-friend. So when his birthday rolled around this year, I was full of surprises!


I decided that we should visit the first city we ever traveled to together – 3 and 1/2 years earlier! Since we have been together such a long time and he knows me so super well, he out-of-the-blue figured out that we were going on a road-trip and guessed where. Boys are so annoying.

So I decided to make everything else about the trip a surprise!

{one} food-truck dinner! I decided his birthday weekend should have to do with things he loves. ambiance is not nearly as important as delicious and fun to my man-friend. I knew the gourmet food trucks on South Congress in Austin, TX would be perfect.

{two} this view is from along the Lady Bird Lake trail as passer-bys on foot and boat stop to watch the millions of bats come out from under the bridge for their night-time escapades. not my normal activity, but worth watching, nonetheless.

{three} for our dinner number two, we split corn dogs, queso with ham, and nachos with bacon… this is the first time I’ve had pork in ages, but let me tell you, it was yummy.

{four} view from our pool in downtown Austin.

{five} Stopping at the Czech Stop in West, TX to partake in some diverse baked goods including sausage rolls and cheese danishes Рsee a trend?

{six} amazing hotel on South Congress.

{seven} view of Downtown Austin from Zilker Park where we hiked and played in the springs.



After he ruined the Austin surprise, I decided to be extra sneaky and not tell him I was coming to town the weekend that his friends were throwing him a surprise party!


{one} me and my bff in front of a fav restaurant. Sssshhhh – Drew has no idea I’m in town!

{two} the Dusty Dog decorated for Drew’s party! it’s amazing what a few balloons can do to a dive bar.

{three} two life long friends and I at my favorite wine bar while I try to stay away from the parts of town where I might be discovered.

{four} me and two of my old roomies getting excited for the celebration!

{five} clock in the Tulsa airport that always makes me sad to leave my home-city.

{six} the very surprised Birthday Boy! I tricked him! :) 

{seven} me with a card, bow, and balloons. I told Drew his present would be delivered that day. Little did he know, I meant me!