… my week in outfits, make-up and pizza …



 Hello Lovers!

For your fashion post this week, I give you My Week in Outfits, Make-up, and Hair Pizza.


Upon landing in Tulsa, Drew and I headed to a little spot called The Phoenix that I’ve been dying to try. I loved the atmosphere,  the sandwiches, the veggies and humus, and the yummy drinks! I was in even in love with the pink couch I sat on!  It’s in the Pearl District, right outside downtown Tulsa and you must go!

As Drew and I went to explore after lunch, I found this pink building that was the exact same color as the pink couch we had lunch on and that made me HAPPY! :)

When I travel I always wear either leggings or stretchy denim, like these floral pants from Forever 21. Throw on a v-neck or cotton tee and flats and you are traveling ready. For colder days, add in a scarf and a jacket. My v-neck is from Wal-Mart and my flats are Steve Madden.



Brunch is my favorite meal of the week.

On this Saturday morning at the Stone Horse, I opted for these Ugg Boots, H&M sheer button up, Michael Kors faux fur vest, and my Michael Kors bag with a top-knot, of course.

To make your hair look like that and love your life more in under 60 seconds, click here. You really should look.



I’d like to show you my Sunday outfit, but there isn’t one. Unless a tee shirt and leggings count (which it sometimes does, but in this case really doesn’t – trust me). So instead here is the homemade pizza drew and I made. Mine has tofu and a little cheese with artichoke hearts. His has seven kinds of pig and all of the cheese in the world.

home made tofu pizza


Back in Dallas. Monday was just a rainy day of just seeing a few clients, drinking green juice and happening upon an old bedside table that I am going to paint and turn into something amazing for my house.

This is my make-up. Pink lips and black cat-eyes made me happy.

I’ve been asked recently for my fav eyeliner picks! I mostly use Benefit Black Magic – Black Liquid Liner. My favorite lip colors are Dior #444 and #752, but Cover Girl Fairytale #405 and Spellbound #325 recently entered my life when I forgot my make up on my Christmas Caribbean adventure and have been surprisingly wonderful additions. I have on Spellbound in this picture.



Tuesday meant Winter White for the Coast to Coast Challenge girls. I didn’t ever get an outfit pic, but this is me on my way to meet a client. This winter white coat definitely made my day.




Sometimes (very very rarely, but sometimes) I wake up and blow out my hair and then go do things with my life with clean hair. This was one of those days.

Dress is Audrey, boots are Uggs, Jacket is from a little shop in Florence, Italy, necklace is from JC Penny.




Anyone who loves their home city as much as I do knows that you have to represent. While in Tulsa, the manfriend and I set out on a quest to every t-shirt shop around to find a shirt I would love as much as my Don’t Hate the 918 shirt.

Tulsa has a surprising amount of t-shirt shops and it was quite an endeavor, but eventually I found this one. A nice person at shop that I can’t seem to find via Google (I think it’s Hometown Tees? Between Mama Joe’s and the Max in the Blue Dome District?) found it in the back for me and let me buy it even though it wasn’t for sell!

So on Thursday I sported it for Graphics Day with Coast to Coast Challenge. If you don’t know what the C2C Challenge  is you definitely need to stop and click here right now.

I wore it with my black skinny J-Brands, the leather jacket from Italy, and my nude Louboutins. I hate to do this to you again, but if you haven’t read about how I bought my first pair of Loubs, you may really need to stop what you are doing again and click here, but only if you are interested in creating an amazing life for yourself and shifting every perception you have that says you don’t have enough of something to get what you want of everything.



For a bonus outfit (and to make up for the pizza), I give you an eighth outfit! Friday, I wore this great shirt that I got FOR FREE at Buffalo Exchange when I went to sell old things that I no longer loved. You sell things, they give you money, you buy new things… beautiful.

I believe that you must get rid of anything that you do not love and that no longer serves you. To read more about that and other ways to clean up your life in the areas of Health, Romance, Money, and Relationship, click here!

So I wore the little sparkly shirt by Sanctuary Clothing, with my black skinny jeans, black pumps that were given to me when I interviewed Vince Camuto (read that interview here), some little silver Wal-Mart earrings and this green Nila Anthony bag found at Ross.


Remember to Create Outfits and a Life that You Effing Love. 


Amanda Frances

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    1. Lots of options: try Must-Stach or Ida Red on Brookside, Dwelling Spaces or Hometown Tees in the Blue Dome District or the Made Store either in Pearl District or Downtown.

      Lemme know what you find :)

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