. . . hello from the wild ride . . .

Life is so truly unpredictable.

You never know what’s around the corner and you don’t always have time to prepare.

It’s a wild journey.

As some of you know in the past few months life has thrown me all sorts of new assignments and challenges…

I am at the end of my first term of practicum, so I’m carrying a hand full of clients from the community and functioning as a therapist. I’ve pretty much changed my whole life to make this beginning of my career my biggest priority. It has been full of growth and purpose and I love it, but there hard moments too. They usually include clients going through really difficult things, lots of stupid paper work and the occasional submitting of a Child Protective Services report. On a day I was really upset about a report I had to file, I took a yoga break, and on my way out of the studio, got the worst text message ever.

Mono. Viral hepatitis. And a failing liver.

Three things you definitely don’t want to see in a text from anyone you love.

My boyfriend was really sick.

We knew he was bad and not getting better fast enough, but he had been misdiagnosed and was trying to be a good kid and take his meds and rest while waiting it out.

But he was slowly getting worse and turning all sorts of shades of yellow alone in his house for days as I was many miles away in Dallas waiting for his throat not to hurt so bad so we could talk more…

But by time he got to the hospital that day, he was an incoherent hot mess.

You boyfriend is sitting in the ER dying, the people at the Med Center told him that his liver is failing, he does not have the ability or energy to know what is going on much less explain to the people at the ER what is happening and you are driving as fast as you can for 4 hours in sweaty yoga clothes with a bunch of missed-matched things that happen to be in your car that may or may not get you through the week, going 100 mph, while trying to get a hold of a friend to sit with him in the ER and attempting to get in contact with the damn nurse that he saw at the Med Center so she can call the ER and tell them how bad he is…

And my life was turned a little upside down.

On the way to Tulsa, in the middle-of-effing-nowhere, Oklahoma a friendly police officer informed me that my license is apparently suspended at that he is supposed to arrest me and make me post bail, but that he’s just going to drive the other way. And then there was the sleeping in the hospital, taking care of my boyfriend, sanitizing his house of mono infestation, arguing with doctors (I’m just a little protective), keeping 100 other commitments (like school work and planning for my bff’s wedding festivities), and trying to keep my life in order. The later turned out to be an nearly impossible task.  

So that’s where I’ve been. And why I haven’t been blogging.

Thankfully, we are on the verge of the other side. Friends came out of the woodwork with dinner breaks and places to stay. Drew was able to leave the hospital after 5 days and after 7 I was able to come back to Dallas. We both had VERY understanding professors and supervisors. And after weeks of taking it easy, he went back to school on Monday. Last weekend some of the bachelorette festivities I had planned were successfully executed. And on Monday I have a court date to prove I paid the original ticket that apparently could have had me in all kinds of trouble. And after many many late nights and long days in the clinic seeing clients, getting paper work done, and getting files in order I am virtually on top of my shit! I turned in 14 clinical notes yesterday and after I write two notes and one paper tonight… 

I should be able to breathe.

And once I can breathe I plan to start blog and regularly send all my love to you through written words and pretty pictures.

And that makes me all kinds of excited. 

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In the mean time, here a picture of Drew and I the day he left the hospital:



And because adding a little pretty to life never hurts, here is a little collage of gorgeous:)