WTF is Manifesting & How Do I Manifest a Man?!

what is manifesting

Hello Lovers!

Today’s topic is SO good!!

As you may know, I riff on manifesting a lot. Like… a lot a lot.

Co-creating the life, love, and businesses of our dreams is totes my jam.

And it occurred to me the day I shot this video, maybe some of you guys aren’t quite sure what manifesting is.

In today’s video, I share what manifesting is and how to do it.

FOR FUNZIES I use the example of manifesting a MAN as this is something that came up in my coaching sessions a lot this week! #manifestaman

At the end of the video, I give a quick example of a simple practice to begin manifesting in your daily life RIGHT NOW just in case you are new to manifesting and want to start and work your way up to things like calling in clients, money and the man-friend. Enjoy:


So, to sum it up.

Manifesting is asking the entire Universe to conspire with you, for everything to line up for you, for syncronicity to occur, and for there to be evidence that something bigger than you is working on your behalf.

And we do this by becoming an energetic match for what we want.


The steps I laid out in the video are:

1. Be clear on what you want

2. Remove the limiting beliefs that say you can’t have or aren’t worthy of what you want.

3. Begin to cultivate feelings of already having what you want. Hold a vision for it. Bring up the feelings inside of you every single day.

4. Allow all things that are no longer an energetic match for your truest desires to fall away.

5. Take any inspired actions that your feel an urge to take.

6. Know it’s THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER! Release.



You can do this! It does work. And you are worthy of your truest desires. It is NOT unreasonable to believe that your wildest dreams are what you are here to accomplish on this earth. Miracles can and will occur for you — quickly, easily, and on the daily. The Universe DESIRES to co-create with you. Like the Universe LOVES to be by your side, on your time, and in the co-creation process with you!

It’s your job to remove the blocks/limiting beliefs that say you can’t have what you want and to position yourself to receive..

You are NOT being selfish when you ask the Universe to work on your behalf. You receiving what you need to create a very happy life, leaves you with more to give to others. It is of the benefit for the entire planet that you believe in yourself and your dreams and know how to bring in the resources you need to make a difference. Got it? Good! Now go big…


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