What To Look At, When It Looks Like Your Manifestation Didn’t Work




Hi loves!

I was recently asked:

“What does it mean when you’re doing the work and you manifest the complete opposite of what you intended to manifest. How do you shift to manifesting the actual thing you want?”

This is a great question.

It often comes down to this:

Do you actually want the thing you’re trying to manifest?


Typically when it appears our manifestation didn’t work either:

1. We didn’t really want it.

2. We didn’t believe we could have it.

3. We believed something bad would happen if we got it.


I want to share a next-level concept with you:

I fully believe we always get what we want.

We ALWAYS get what we want.

When we’re not owning what we want, and not fully telling ourselves the truth, sometimes we manifest some funky things.

It would be like me not manifesting love.

When I look at it, I don’t really want a relationship. (At the time this was recorded! This is no longer true. ;))

But I could easily tell the story that my manifesting isn’t working as I sometimes do want a relationship.

(When I recorded this training I was actually caught up in a lot of false beliefs around what a relationship would require or cause me to sacrifice.)

However: When you want something and are willing to look at and shift the ideas between you and that thing, there is nothing you can’t have.


When you are trying to manifest a thing that you don’t actually want…

… or feel unworthy of…

… or believe something bad will happen (or a sacrifice will be required) if you if get it…

… you’ll sabotage your manifestation every time.


Your free will is strong. And it will attempt to protect you from things you classify as harmful. Or things you don’t feel worthy of. Or thing you fear you can’t maintain. Or don’t really want.

For example, if I believe that by manifesting a partner I won’t have enough time and energy for my business, I wouldn’t allow myself to manifest a partner.

Is there any reason why you didn’t fully want what you were trying to manifest?


I was recently talking to a woman who is a server, and she told me her tips were decreasing.

So I asked her, “Do you want to be a server?”

When we dug into it, she realized it didn’t feel safe to receive tips through serving because she was finally allowing herself to adapt various other things she wants do with her life.

We shifted and rearranged it so that she now believes it is safe to earn as a server and still move toward her desires to do other things.

You can always shift and rearrange your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about whatever needs to occur for you to get what you want.

Every time.

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