What to do When the People Around You Don’t Support Your Dreams

1- don't talk to stupid people


Hello from week two in ITALY!


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Okay… here is the deal. 

Let me set today’s video… I was biking around when I stopped for a moment to Periscope with my fellow #spiritualbossladies, when this question came up:

“What do I do when my boyfriend/best friend/parent/pastor/professor/etc doesn’t believe in my dream?!”

Oh girl! Trust me, I get it. Many people who I love very much STILL do not understand what it is I do.


This happens to all of us.


Usually it is NOT because they don’t believe in you. It is most often because they are afraid for you.

The ideas of working for yourself or selling online or earning using your spiritual gifts is very overwhelming to someone who is not built to do these things.

But if your like me, your heart keeps saying: This is the only way.


And that is because following your heart IS the only way for you. And you have to do whatever that means for you.

But it WILL freak people out a little.

Like I said, it’s often NOT because they don’t love you or don’t care. They just lack understanding.

And, sometimes I explain it. But most of the time, I say nothing.

Because I have learned this: I do not need anyone else to get it.

Because I get it FULLY.


Often when we are fixated on those who do not understand or support your dream/vision/business/calling… It is simply a reflection of you not supporting yourself. When you believe in yourself and your work more completely, you notice way way way less who doesn’t get it.


Only YOU need to get it. That’s it. YOU. You need to get it for you.

You need to get it. You need to embrace it. You need to believe in it.

YOU need to support yourself, love yourself, and believe in your damn vision to the one bajillionth degree.

When that becomes one million percent true for you, you will be amazed at all the friends, family, strangers, randos-you-haven’t-talked-to-since-high-school who show up to tell you about how awesome your work is.

When you support yourself in a bigger way — the entire world will reflect it right back to you.


Here is how to handle the people who don’t get it: 

  1. Let them off the hook. Notice the call inside of yourself to support yourself more fully.
  2. Stop talking to them.
  3. Go where you are supported.


I say this very clearly in the video, but I mean it… If someone does not get/support/understand your dreams: DO NOT TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT. 


Personally, I protect my business (and my energy) with my effing life.

I choose not to spend my time or energy defending myself to people who do not understand what I am here to do.

I do not go out looking for the approval of others to do my life’s work.

I talk to VERY few people about my business.


Some people will get it over time. Some many never understand what I do. And that’s okay.


Other people will.

I make sure that I ALWAYS have a couple places/people where I know I can go to be supported.

One of these place is the Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss Ladies Group! This FREE group is a safe place to come hang out and get supported. Meet me there: Come be a Boss-Lady!

There is nothing worse than getting in your head over someone who criticized, negated, or devalued your life’s vision. So… Don’t.

And when you do find yourself listening to someone who is filling your head with drama — remove yourself, quickly forgive them and take note that they are not someone who you entertain these conversations with any longer. Got it?

Fabulous! Check out today’s video and then let me know in the comments below how you handle those who you love who don’t understand your biz!

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Massive massive love, 


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  1. This was the read I needed today Amanda. I’ve been learning really quickly who I can and can’t talk to about my dreams (and they are BIG!). There’s nothing that takes the wind out of our sails and is more discouraging than sharing your vision and excitement with someone and having them say: “Yeah, but have you thought of…. or, I don’t know if that’s the best idea….”

    And the haters gonna hate.

    This was the article I was meant to read.

    You are a diamond.


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