What to do when your sh*t isn’t selling

Hi my love!

I get a lot of emails from clients and students when they release a coaching package, offer, or course and it’s not selling.

I know this feeling. When have put your heart and soul into an offer and it feels like it’s not picking up momentum…

It brings up your fears. It makes you wonder if you can make it. It makes you feel crazy.

Every single doubt/negative belief about yourself and your business comes up in that moment.

It sucks.

Let me tell you a secret…

This happens for me.

Every. Single. F*cking. Launch.

Even Money Mentality Makeover last month. I had a quarter of a million dollar launch… but I woke up on the last day and still need 120 sales to make my goal.

It didn’t LOOK like it was going to happen.

But that doesn’t really fucking matter.

I know better then to look at how things look. I know better than to get obsessed with the ‘how…’

I work the principles I teach like it’s my full time job.

I do every thing I know to do in the natural.

– Send emails.
– Post on social media continually.
– Follow up with people.

^^ I share from my heart on why my offer is amazing, why I desire to help you, and the results I expect for you to get from my offer.

^^ It’s my job to SHARE SHARE SHARE like a mad woman until the very end.

I do everything I know to do energetically << the most important part.

– I hold the energy of what I desire.
– I work my faith.
– I get into the state of KNOWING it’s mine.
– I stay clear on why the offer is needed/powerful and how it serves others.
– I ask for guidance.
– I take inspired action

^^ The miracle is often within the inspired action. When I am holding my faith/knowing my desired outcome is mine… I will often have a hit of inspiration.

^^ It could be an extended payment plan or a bonus or a new way of talking about my offer. But taking that action = everything.

I believe the internal work is everything when it comes to selling online.


Here are the questions I ask myself in my journal when it looks like I won’t get/can’t have what I want…

1. What do I want? Why do I want it?

Write out what I want. How many students? How many clients? How much money?

List how it serves me, serves others, and ultimately serves the world to sell my offer.

2. Why do I believe I can’t have it?

List negative bullsh*t around why me or my offer is not good enough.

3. Are those beliefs true?

Answer: NO

There may be some truth to them (like you experienced something in the past that reinforced them)… but there is a higher more ultimate truth.

My work is of high service and worhty of massive compensation. I have to give my gifts.

4. What is an alternative way of seeing this?

Counter each beliefs with a positive, more powerful thought.

Repeat those thoughts/ideas. Vibe with those thoughts ideas. Act as if those thoughts/ideas are your reality.

5. What do I choose to believe instead?

Write out my desired outcome clearly and specifically.

How many new clients? How many new students? How much revenue?

I write it with purpose and power.

Bring the energy into my body of my desired outcome already being mine.

Feel that. Vibe with that. Get into that state often.

List again how obtaining this serves me, serves others and serves the world.

6. Ask for guidance. 

God/Angels/Universe/Higher Self, I am willing to do my part. I am ready for the next step. Please guide me.

7. Take your inspired action. 

Inspiration, a fresh idea, a new way of seeing things, a way of talking about your offer, a bonus, a payment plan, etc WILL SHOW UP.

Take the action that you are given.

Here is what it ALWAYS looks like for me: I create something. I launch it. It doesn’t get the moment I want at the beginning but as I hold the faith/assume the energy of the desire outcome/know it’s mine/I take inspired action… it comes through.

This was true for my first 10k launch, my first 111k launch and my recent 250k launch. Got it?

This is how I manifest clients and students.


I have a blast-from-the-past-blog called Why Your Sh*t Isn’t Selling that you need to watch.

It’s super good (ignore the weird blur in the left corner of the screen — I was using a Starbucks cup as my tripod for the first three years of my business.)

Watch the vlog and work your sh*t until the end!!

It’s not mother f*cking over.

Do you have any questions? Let me know below. I’ll reply to all of you!


2 thoughts to “What to do when your sh*t isn’t selling”

  1. I loved the part you said about how the person wasn’t a client so there wasn’t much you could do but get off the phone lol that happens to me often and ever since taking your Money Mentality Makeover course recently I realized that I was attracting “friends” who were really just clients that weren’t paying me. I did the work to find out why and deep down I knew I was ready to start doing 1:1 Lifestyle & Leadership coaching but I wasn’t ready to put a price to my time, energy, or value – even though I know I’m worth it, I literally didn’t have any systems, programs, or packages available EVEN IF someone did wanna pay me. I was spending more time going down rabbit holes with people who didn’t commit to do the work, own their shit, show up, or even to pay me and no time on creating the systems, programs, & packages to sell my services and to support others. You’re amazing and so inspirational and I’m so grateful you do the damn thing because it helps inspire & remind me to just show up to my life and not make it so fucking difficult! I write the rules, and I’ve decided life is easy, work is easy, and sharing my gifts comes easily & naturally to me, just as providing for my family and living my wildest dreams come easily & naturally to me.

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