When Money Feels Maddening + Other Manifestation Mishaps

Money is a topic that stirs up a plethora of emotions, from anxiety and fear to excitement and desire. In this article, we’ll explore how to conquer your financial fears, make your money goals a reality, raise your financial standards, and find gratitude in your financial journey.

1) Overcoming Financial Anxiety and Fears
Embracing Your Money Fears as a Path to Financial Freedom

We all experience fears and anxieties related to money. Whether it’s the fear of not having enough or the fear of how having more money might change our lives, these concerns can be paralyzing. However, avoiding these fears only gives them more power. Acknowledging your fears is the first step in reducing their influence over your financial decisions. It’s essential to remember that feeling afraid is perfectly normal. The real work lies in recognizing that it’s safe to have the things you desire, including money. When you feel secure in using and managing your money, you open the door to financial abundance. This state of abundance is what we refer to as “overflow,” and it’s where the magic truly begins.

2) Making Your Money Goals Tangible:
Turning Dreams into Achievable Financial Goals

When you first set a new financial goal, it may seem like a distant dream. However, with dedication and a shift in mindset, you can make your goals feel real and attainable. Visualization, journaling, addressing your fears, and experiencing the emotions associated with achieving your goals all contribute to making your financial aspirations more tangible. As you normalize your goals, you diminish the anxiety surrounding them, making them not just possible but inevitable.

3) Raising Your Financial Standards:
Redefining Your Relationship with Money

What is your “energetic minimum,” which is the lowest amount of money you can imagine making. It’s essential to question why you would ever settle for this minimum when money is abundant, and opportunities are limitless. In the video, I guide you through an exercise that shows you precisely how to raise this minimum number each month. By shifting your mindset and solidifying your bottom line, you open the door to attracting more wealth and abundance into your life.

4) Finding Financial Gratitude:
Cultivating a Positive Money Mindset

You don’t have to be satisfied with your current financial situation if it doesn’t align with your goals. Still, it’s beneficial to practice gratitude when dealing with money. Every financial interaction, whether it’s spending or receiving money, can become a beautiful ritual filled with gratitude. By acknowledging the money that comes into your life, such as direct deposits, checks, or payment notifications, you shift your energy from “it’s not enough” to a more positive mindset. Creative inspiration thrives in an atmosphere of gratitude and positivity, so cultivate a sense of thankfulness for what you have while aligning your energy with what you’re manifesting in your financial journey.

Mastering your money mindset is a transformative journey that involves acknowledging your fears, setting tangible goals, raising your financial standards, and embracing gratitude. By working through these common financial challenges, you can pave the way to financial abundance, freedom, and success. The fun truly starts when you realize that you have the power to shape your financial destiny.