What to do when you feel helpless.

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Let me set it up for you:

I was in the Hamptons fresh off the little European Adventure I had taken for my 30th birthday — and I was WAY in my head about my life.

Big decisions in my personal life were weighing on my mind and I felt helpless.
I hate feeling helpless. LIke… I REALLY, really prefer to feel like I have it all together.

The Universe was working with me, however, and one little miracle at a time, I was gaining clarity on what to do next.

When I jumped to Periscope (a live-streaming app that will change your life — @xoamandafrances), I had just had a mini miracle moment.

I had gotten out of my own way.


By putting my shit aside, and showing up for someone else.

In that moment I could see clearly that every single time I had a session with a client or was there for a friend, I felt tremendously better… My own drama seemed less intense.

When I allowed myself to do this, I felt a little more like myself. I had more clarity, the answer felt within reach, and I knew I would be on the other side of my confusion before I knew it.

I was able to release my attachment to the struggle and remember the beauty of a lesson that I’ve been required to learn again and again.

In this moment, I remembered a quote I’ve heard my teacher, Gabby Bernstein reference:

When you feel helpless, help someone else. – Aung San Suu Kyi 

In today’s video, I riff on getting out of your own way by knowing that your problems can be sorted out while you show up for someone else.

For me, helping someone else when I am in the thick of it, is really an act of faith.

If I really believe that I am okay/just fine/on my way/right where I am supposed to be, then I can obvi put my confusion on hold and be available for someone else. Of course I can.

If God is on my side and the Universe has my back and everything is working out for me, then I definitely have the availability to give to someone else in the midst of my confusion.

We magnify our problems/doubts/insecurities when we ruminate/marinate/replay them in our minds. We grow our faith in love, God, and miracles when we choose to know that all is well in our lives.

It is up to us to move into a space of knowing that we are okay. And once super quick way to shift in that direction is focusing our attention on another human being who could use some love from us.

So have fun with this! Buy a latte from your roomie, give your next door neighbor a hug, listen to your little sister, give biz advice to someone who’s business is less developed than yours … SHOW UP!

And let God/the Universe know what’s up: “Hey God! I trust you! And right now I choose to put my own shit aside and show up for someone else. Who would you have me help?! Thank you for the evidence that I am okay, that you did not forget me, and that everything is unraveling in my favor! I love you!”

How to help yourself by helping someone else:

How are you doing?! Who can you help today?!

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  1. Watching this video really shifted my energy quickly and put a big smile on my face. Thank you for the message, I so needed to hear it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, gorgeous light and love!

  2. I firmly believe this! Helping someone else when you feel helpless clears the energy, but emmensly helps you get out of your own way. Great reminder, thanks!

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