What To Do When You No Longer Love Your Business

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I was recently asked a really great question.

Lynette asked me:

“I have two businesses. One brings in a lot of month, And the other is in a perpetual state of reboot. The one that makes the money is not my passion, but it feeds my family. I keep getting stuck around the idea that I should put more focus into the first business since it’s a big money maker. But my passion is with the second business. How would you handle this? How do I focus on multiple big things at once?”

I love this Q. And have so much to say about this.

While the question is, how do you focus on multiple big things at once… I am sensing something bigger at play here.

The more important question is this: How do redesigning and rearranging and reorganizing the energy of any situation that isn’t perfect for you.

Let me explain what I mean:

In business (and in life) most things will not serve us forever.

Something that is expansive, next level and the best thing ever at one point, may feel boring, draining, and distracting a year later.

You might find yourself dreading something that you used to love.

That’s okay as long as you know this: Things get to change. And evolve. It’s safe to let things go and it’s safe to blow things up.

Here is what I have learned:

We have to be willing to burn things to the ground in our businesses.

We have to be willing to blow things up.

And to let things go.

In my experience, this willingness is required.

The magic is this: When you are willing to burn it to the ground, you no longer have to.

When we are willing to give it up completely, there is usually a way to rearrange it, realign it and use it all for good…

… with no sense of loss, suffering, or sacrifice. (These things are not required to have a fun and profitable business.)

Here is an example from my own life:

As you may know, I create digital courses and online training programs.

There are some digital courses that I have created that are profitable and make money…

… but I don’t love them anymore.

I don’t want to sell them anymore, and I would honestly be very happy to never talk about those courses ever again.

Most entrepreneurs, would get attached to these courses, since they make money easily.

They would tell stories about how these things are the only way to make money and that they can’t let them go… even though they don’t love them.

Because of this, they stop the flow of the fresh idea, new content, and various income streams that would naturally becoming to them by holding on to the thing they are afraid to let go of.

They choose to do things other than simply what they love in their business.

Instead I do this: I let it go AND still make money from it.

Here’s how:

I become willing to burn it down. To get rid of it. To let it go.

I do this knowing that I won’t have to.

From that space, I find fresh perspective. I see a way to breath fresh life into the thing I no longer love in my business.

I did this recently.

There was a great course that I’ve sold it for years, that has done very well for me.

I’m proud of it, but I’m also tired of it.

And I don’t want to teach it anymore.

The way that I blew it up, rearranged it, and reorganized it, and decided it got to be different was this: I launched it for one last time.

And then I let it be done.

And I put all my energy into it, and I let that be enough.

But here’s the thing, I didn’t lose anything when I did this.

I quickly realized that the course can now be sold as a home-study course.

It will sit on my website or maybe in a funnel. At some point I might pull some of the modules out of it and include them in another offer.

But by being willing to rearrange the whole thing, turning the course into a home study course, raising the price, launching one last time, and not touching it anymore in my business…

… it will still serve me, it will still serve other people, it will still make money, but I will no longer do something that I do not love.

It will not take my time or energy anymore… because I don’t want it to.

When I am willing to let it go, I often find a way to get rid of the part I don’t love, have someone else do the part I don’t love, add a part I feel is missing…

… or do something else to blow up the whole thing, breath fresh life into and allow it to still serve me.

Here’s how this applies to Lynette’s Q:

What came up for me with this question is that it’s not that you give up the profitable business.

It’s that you rearrange it and reorganize it differently.

My sense is that there is either someone else to run it, someone else to help with it, or people to take over parts of it.

The answer is to be willing to let it go.

Once your hands aren’t on it all the time, it won’t be distracting you from the things you want to do, and it won’t be burning your energy.

Either that means you’re only doing parts you love, or you’re not doing any of the parts of it at all…

… but it still gets to make money.

It just has to change forms a little bit.

Hire out positions for it so you don’t have to do any work for it.

Delegate it, give it to someone else, still make money off of it, but free up your time and energy to do it your way.

This principle isn’t unique to one person or one business.

It’s the energy of being willing to let something go…

 … so that you don’t have to.

If I would have said that my course that makes over six-figures every year has to be done the way it’s always been done and that there’s no way I can burn it, I would have gotten myself into a place of scarcity and lack.

So instead I said, “Okay.I actually don’t want to launch it anymore. I’m willing to blow it up. I’m willing to rearrange it. I’m ready for a solution of the highest good.”

And in that space, a solution was able to emerge.

I explain more in the video:



Here is how to do this in your own life:

1. Recognize and tell yourself the truth about what is no longer serving you.

2. Be willing to let it go.

3. Pray this: What’s the solution of the highest good? How do I rearrange this so it serves everyone involved?

So my answer for Lynette is this: Build it out, hire who is need it, train them, get it to where you’re happy with it, take your hands of it, focus on what you love and let it be that.

Sacrifice and suffering are not required for success.

Loss is not required for happiness.

You do not have to loose. No one has to loose. Everyone gets to win.

That is what a solution of the highest good is.

And there is always a solution of the highest good.

Decide what you want + take your inspired and aligned action, whatever that is.

You are worthy of a life and business your are wildly obsessed with, my love.

And you get to have it all.

Have any questions,? Comments? Concerns?

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