When Your Partner is Unsupportive

Hi loves,
I have a great topic for you today.
What do you do when your partner is unsupportive of your energetic work or money mindset?
I’ve gotten this question a lot, over many years.
Now, I want to make this clear, what matters most when it comes to designing a life and business that you are wildly obsessed with is not your family, therapist, spouse, partner, or mom.
It’s YOU!
Your inner work, your internal energetic state, you thoughts, your beliefs, your intentions, and your consistent inspired actions.
Often what we perceive when are missing or lacking in another is what we haven’t first given ourselves.
Your job is to give yourself the love, support, and belief in you that you need.
You determine what you get to have.
That being said it can be super hard + frustrating when those we love us don’t understand or support our energetic work or big dreams.
And, of course, you do get to want + have these things in a relationship.
This topic has come up over the years. Many times.
And what I’ve observed over many years, especially with the Money Mentality Makeover Mavens, is that…
Sister, you have a lot of power!
The idea that “you can’t change people” isn’t ultimately true.
The truth is, while you are not responsible for changing anyone, there is massive opportunity for those around you to change through your positive change.
As you begin to live another way, sometimes without saying a word, you’ll become inspiration + motivation to your partner, and your partner will be picking up on the concepts and ideas.
Sometimes, as the energy in your home changes, those around you begin to change.
Now, of course, some people my be fully and completely resistant to change.
This isn’t about trying to change someone. (Manipulation is not the vibe.)
You can’t make anyone do anything.
This is about holding the ultimate vision for your life.
And knowing that all humans always have the opportunity for healing the scared, insecure, fearful parts of us. (Your partner included.)
And that the choices you make, energy you hold, and way you be does massively, massively influence those around you.
This is about knowing that you do get to create and have the life and partnership you want.
And watching everything around you that is not in alignment with your dreams with either change, rearrange or be removed.
Now, I am not married. But, what I’ve observed in my long term (and short term) relationships is that while I did not ever try to convince a man of anything, I found these men ‘getting it’ more and more just by being around me.
This is always true of my parents, sister, friends, etc.
Quick caveat: The vlog is geared toward, relationships with an unsupportive partner. If you are in an toxic or abusive relationship, please get support for getting yourself safely out of that situation.
I encourage you to watch today’s vlog. Get clear on the kind of life and relationship you get to have.


^^ What to do when those around you don’t believe in your dreams.
Do not spend your time or energy trying to figure out how, if or when another human will or won’t do any sort of thing you perceive you need them to do.
Do your work. Decide what you get to have. Be willing to release the thoughts, emotions, energy (and sometimes people) that do not serve you and watch the magic come through.
I love you!