JUICY! {Why I Juice}

I’ve gotten a lot of, “What’s that green stuff your drinking?” questions lately. The answer is: GREEN JUICE!

That pretty green drink is a combination of kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, mint, cilantro, basil, etc. It’s usually sweetened with lemon, apple, or ginger.

I am all about loving your life in a BIG, BIG way and eating all the food you love. And for me, there is a time and a place for lots of types of foods, but I’m endeavoring to choose what I put in my body more wisely than ever because my happiness is more important to me that ever before.

The connection between what I eat and how I feel can’t be denied and it’s important to me to stay happy, healthy and on my game to have the kind of life I desire.

Cravings and tummy aches look less and less like the life I want as I increase my self-love and, you know, that I take self-love seriously.

Through juicing you are able to work something into your diet that directly affects how you feel quickly.  Juicing helps to give your digestive system a break, load up on energy-inducing nutrients, give your skin a pretty glow, press the reset button on your eating habits (important after the holidays), and can even kick-start getting in better shape.


Here is a little big more about how I see juicing working for me in all those areas:

1. Nutrients

Your deep green leafy veggies and favorite berries are incredibly nutrient rich. You may have heard of some of these foods as being called SuperFoods! Juicing is a way of concentrating all the nutrients, vitamins, phytochemicals, enzymes, minerals and alkaline properties from a large quantity of vegetables and fruits into a manageable drink! When you consume juice, you are giving your body a super dose of essential nutrition.

 green juice - 4

2. Happy Belly = Happy Me!

Juicing gives your digestive system a big break! Your body is not breaking down complicated fats and carbs while you juice. Refined carbs (white flour, sugar, rice and potatoes) and fats (chemically processed oils such as canola, corn, and soybean) are not the easiest things to break down. When juicing, I can sometimes hear my stomach making noise and like to imagine that this is it thanking me ;)

green juice - carrott and orange juice


3. Press the Restart Button on Your Body!

Though I recommend consuming juices throughout the week, some people love to do a juice cleanse. For me, a one day cleanse is just long enough to press the stop button on any crazy eating habits and push the start button on saying yes to healthy food that I love. They say that it takes a 3-4 day cleanse to detox and really kick cravings, but for me that one days is just enough to make a statement to myself that says, “Okay, you’ve been eating badly, you feel tired and sluggish and yucky, and you’re going to stop now. You deserve to feel amazing! Restart!”

The longer I live as someone who doesn’t eat a lot of processed foods the more I become aware of what foods have negative effects on me.

Most of the time — I eat whatever the fuck I want. I had some mac and cheese the other week that was like, Oh So Worth It.

However, after a few days of eating foods that don’t affect me positively (like on vacation), I find I NEED to press the restart button and get back to the foods that really make me feel my best! That’s where juicing comes in!

green juice - 5



4. Flat Tummy

To me this is a fab perk, but not the reason for juicing.

I’m not actually sure that the juice cleanse directly causes me to lose any weight at all. What it does 100% do is reduce bloating, make me poop, help me fit in my fave jeans and clean out whatever is hanging out in my gut.


green juice 3


One of the best parts of juicing has to be what it does for your skin. The green juice glow is the BEST thing ever!

green juice - 1

The Deets!

While some people really love to do big juice cleanses, I mostly just love to incorporate juicing into my life. Cleansing for a few days can definitely be fun, but when I do it, still have healthy salad for dinner and some nuts and fruit during the day. But, that’s just me.

green juice 2

The Cost!

A juice from a juice bar can cost upwards of $10 (and a cleans between $50-$100 a day) but there are lots of options here!

I sometimes make my own juices with a juicer at home. However, if you know me, you know that that is kind of like cooking… and I prefer not to prepare my own foods (I have to be real).

I also mix juices I buy from the store. This does NOT mean going to the store and buying regular prepackaged juices — like it is best to NEVER pick up ANYTHING your grocery story is calling “juice”.

Some grocers (Central Market {CM} and Whole Foods, for example) juice fruits and vegetables fresh daily and sale them in the store. (In grad school I often mixed Green Juice from CM and with a little Apple Lemon Juice from CM to create my own happy sweet green juice, for example.)

If I am going to spend my cash-money on a juice from a juice bar (which I often do), I look for places who cold-press their juice and only use organic fruits and vegetables.

green juice - 6

green juice - 7



If juicing is not right for you, I encourage you to ask yourself what your body does need from you right now.

Maybe a good goal today is to only have one cupcake or not go through the drive through on the way home today. Maybe your work is to forgive yourself for the food decisions you made this weekend. Maybe your work today is to start watching how gluten and dairy make you feel. Maybe your best self is asking you to swing by a Juice Bar instead of grabbing a White Chocolate Mocha on Monday morning.

Ask to be guided to what your body needs from you. Be open to the guidance that shows up.


To feeling your best, 

Amanda Frances