{{ Statements }} fall/winter fashion moments that I’ve loved, the power of a closet clean out, and dressing to match your heart.

Quotes of the week:

Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.
– Rachel Zoe

You are a powerful being manifesting your reality.
think, say, and do accordingly.

Be willing to give up on what no longer matches your heart’s desires.
– me


I’ve had a lot of fun with fashion this Fall. 


I doubted that I would be able to keep up with my blog or anything fashion related during my doctorate program, but in the name of self-love, I’m proving myself wrong. I refuse to spend the next three-and-a-half-ish years of my life feeling/looking like a frumpy mess. I believe, whole-heartedly, that we must dress for the life we want and that we must let our outsides be an expression of our insides. You deserve to feel good about the way you look. You deserve to wear clothes that you LOVE. You deserve to feel amazing, every day. Fashion, for me, is self-love. It’s taking good care of myself. It’s showing up for myself and feeling pretty even if I am just fighting traffic and going to class or going to the grocery store and seeing clients. It’s not vain or shallow. It’s an expression of my truest self. It’s my creative outlet.

It’s art.

It’s showing the world who you are and what you want. For me that often means a style that is sort of feminine and fun with a touch of hippie. For you it’s likely something very different. I think it’s important to let my style resonate with who I am on the inside. Have you heard a song that touches your soul? That makes you feel like someone else on this planet knows what it feels like to be alive – to be you? Fashion is kind of like that. The right outfit resonates to a deep place instead of me and matches me. It’s like it vibrates at the same level I do.

Some outfits make you feel consistent, congruent and like yourself.

I heard this closet-clean-out suggestion the other day: My good friend, Jennifer, was interviewing, the author, Tess Whitehurst on the radio.  Tess suggested to go through your closet while songs that resonate with you play. We all have various sides of us, but I imagined playing my Self-Love Playlist on Spotify which are my favorite fun/happy/I-am-obsessed-with-life songs (i.e. the songs that represent the life I want and a side of myself that I want to have full expression). Tess suggested that you take everything out of your closet, and as you go through the items, and only put back in things you feel good in, that match your heart.

My personal rule has always been that at least four times a year, I must throw out anything I do not love that also does not serve me. If I don’t love it but it serves a purpose OR I love it, but it serves no purpose, I keep it. If it does neither – I toss it. (Click here for this and 14 other life-changing tips.)

 I believe that donating/selling all the extra stuff you’ve held on to send a message to the world that you are ready for more and that you know that there is enough to go around. I believe that there is enough out there for me and that no matter what happens, I will have enough. For me, holding on to random crap feels exactly the same as holding on to the mentality of lack that I had for many  years. I choose to keep only want I love, giving someone else that chance to love what I no longer do, giving me the opportunity to earn as I sell, giving to others things they need as I donate, and clearing space in my closet to be able to see and be grateful for what I have.

I hope this inspires you to do a closet clean out that feels good to you and make room for the kind of style, year and life you desire.


My Fall Style: hairpieces, faux fur, faux leather accents, mala beads, wine as a color, winter white, winter white, winter white, lots and lots of gold, little rings, houndstooth, and as many statement pieces as possible.



IMG_7787 IMG_7790


IMG_8227 IMG_8235  IMG_8283



IMG_8258 IMG_8282




IMG_8339 IMG_8354 IMG_8365

IMG_8494 IMG_8496


To making space for the kind of style, year and life you desire and deserve,

Amanda Frances


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