#wisdomdrop: how to start your day from a HaPpY place

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Small, subtle shifts equal big, miraculous change over time. – Gabby Bernstein

Only love is real. – A Course in Miracles

Your work is removing all the thoughts that get in the way of realizing how loved you truly are. – me



I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to choose loving thoughts.

I release my negative perceptions. I know only love is real.

I am good enough. I am smart enough. I am pretty enough. I am effing fabulous. I am love.




#wisdomdrop blog + vlog:

My friends! My friends!

So happy to see you here again today!

In today’s blog, I get really effing honest. Like uncomfortably honest at one part.

That’s okay… Increasing my comfort with vulnerability seems to be part of my life’s work… Here we go!


In our society, we are crazy-effing-busy. I honestly don’t know anyone that’s like, “Yeah, I just have a lot of time on my hands to sit around and think about how good life is and forgive people and be really happy and like manifest cool shit.”

Ummm… No. We are busy. And since we are busy, in order for happiness/stillness/calmness to exist in our lives it’s going to have to be cultivated — on purpose.

You want to be happy – duh.

And happiness is available to you – all the time – it’s just often blocked by a lot of other stuff — like stress, crying children, an annoying boss, a manfriend who drives you crazy — and your not-so-positive perceptions of all those things.

The work, is to access the loving place within and the happiness that is available to you in the midst of all the crazy when it seems easier to just be consumed by it. (It’s not actually easier. Feeling like crap actually takes more work than feeling great.)

For me, I know that I will loose my way a million times each day. I will doubt myself, I will feel confused, I will wonder what I am doing or if I’m doing okay. I might overanalyze a thing or two. I might get in my head a couple times (or a trillion times).

My goal is to shift my negative thoughts and come back to that loving/happy place within as often as possible… because that place is the truth. I am okay. I can trust. I am doing a good job. I am on my way. There is nothing to overanalyze. My gut-feeling is right on. I am capable.

The loving voice is real. The doubts, fears, confusion, and chaos are utter nonsense.

Simply put, my goal is to feel better.

Negative/self-defeating thoughts feel like shit. Positive/loving thoughts feel awesome (and are the truth).

This blog was originally supposed to be about how to start our day — you know, like a morning practice. (I stay WAY more on topic in the vlog [click here] … lol)

For me, my morning practice is about connecting with myself and the God (Spirit/Source/Universe/Higher Self) I believe in first thing. It’s like I say hello to myself, life, and God — thank all that is Divine that I am here again ready to start another day, acknowledge what I’m stressed/worried about, ask for help with these things, and start my day from an as trusting/calm/relaxed place as possible.

Five minutes later I am likely to give my boyfriend attitude about something that he did not do wrong because I am running late.

I then might be super annoyed at traffic or parking or a long line at Starbucks.


I might lose my way.

But I always come back home.

Because I know love is real. I know the calm/trusting/grateful place I started my day is my home.

I always go back home.


And it’s okay that I lose my way most days. We all do. Like you may have heard me say before, we are adding up moments. 5 seconds of trusting. 30 seconds of gratitude. 45 seconds of being willing to forgive. 30 seconds becomes a day becomes a week becomes a lifetime of gratitude.

I believe that over time, these little moments add up a way of being in your life.

I think that’s one of the reasons coaching works. When a client can sit with me for 1 hour each week and during that time feel safe, heard, understood, accepted, worthy, valuable, etc they will start to feel this way outside of session too. They will start to accept themselves. They will know what it feels like to feel safe and understood in their relationships and how shitty it feels not to and begin to cultivate healthier relationships (and ditch the douch-bags). What I do for 1 hour with them each week grows. The many one-hours of feeling accepted starts to multiply and add up to a life of self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love. (learn more about coaching: here).

And that’s how I feel about developing a morning and evening practice (or lunch time or 10 am or whatever). I believe that if we can take a few moments each day to feel better — to know we are enough, to trust, to forgive — this will eventually add up to a life beyond are wildest dreams.

It manages to grow.

So I made you a video about how to start your day. In the video I offer you five steps. These aren’t magic steps. This is just sort of what has become my natural routine — the things that I find myself doing while I get present with myself to feel happy. It’s not really about five steps or ten steps or twelve hundred steps, it’s about knowing you are okay. It’s about accessing your happy place and living from it more. For me this has meant amping up the gratitude, belief in my dreams, and faith in love (and myself).


The steps are:

1. breathe deeply

2. express gratitude (for being alive, for your dinner the night before, for your new nail polish, for your ah-ha moment the day before)

3. ask for what you need (patience with your idiot boss, confidence around the cute guy at the coffee shop, peace around your finances, etc)

4. trust. (for example: know that you are okay. know that you are capable. know that you are being guided… whatever trust means to you.)

5. start your day! (go pee, wake up your kids, find coffee, hug someone, make breakfast, etc ;) )



If you start your day from this place you’ll probably be kinder and gentler with your kids, co-workers, roommate, and fellow drivers on the highway. If you end the day from this place you’ll sleep better, have more pleasant dreams, and wake up in a calmer/more connected place.


It all adds up.


And I think that’s really the point.


Okay, I love you.


Amanda Frances McKinney

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