#wisdomdrop: From Life in a Cult to Life of my Dreams

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from cult life to dream life

Most every person I know’s life didn’t go exactly according to plan. If your life is still going according to plan… then just add a “yet” to the end of that thought.

And it’s a good thing. The plan not working is often our greatest catalyst for growth, opportunity, and miracles.

Once upon a time I was in cult (more on that in the vid — and in future blogs, I’m sure). When I got out of the cult I had a little… baggage.

Not to mention the normal baggage we are all walking around with from our childhoods (most families do the best they can and often accidentally suck from time to time) and from a normal heart break or two.

I tried my hardest to hurry up and become super educated and successful — and rush into the life of my dreams.

So I got my bachelor’s degree in psych. And moved to Dallas to get my master’s in counseling.

This is where things didn’t go according to plan.

When I got to Dallas instead of making a lot of friends and being really happy… I was bored. A lot. And miserable. And had a REALLY hard time making good friends.

And ended up finding myself in a deep, dark depressed funk.

And all my shit started coming up.

I wasn’t really in the mood for life to not go according to plan. Or for dealing with my shit.

But my baggage was desperate to be unpacked and washed and steamed and sent to the cleaners. And in some cases, burned out back.

So I went to therapy.

My therapist (God Bless Her) kept telling me that this time in my life (where I was miserable, depressed, and a big hot mess) would be a catalyst for my growth.

She said it would be a time to develop creativity and skills.

She said what I did during that time would direct the path for my whole life. 

I did not believe her. At all.

But she was right.

I was desperate. And bored. And lonely.

I broke up with my boyfriend. (Long distance sucks).

I went out every night. I dated idiot guys.

But I also…

Started a blog. (You’re reading it now)

Found myself on the yoga mat… daily.

I became a health nut (thank you Lord for green juice).

Started a business (with no effing idea how to be a life coach).

I got back together with my boyfriend (still together).

I devoted every minute of my life for nearly two years to learning how to be a life-coach.

(Including obsessively following coaches online and doing every workshop/lecture/program I could get my hands on.)

I finished my master’s degree.

I grew that damn business like my life depended on it.

And here I am.


In the video below, I share more about he journey include — a major shift I had — a shift where I moved into knowing that the Universe had my back and began to experience God in a new way. And this was a super important moment in the journey.

But what I wish I would have emphasized more in the video is that often our lowest moments are our biggest catalysts for growth.

If you are down, depressed, and not effing understanding what you are going through what you are going through… I’m sorry.

That sucks.

BUT it’s not over.

Usually before we change, we have to get desperately willing to have a different experience.

We have to be so over the bullshit that we are so willing to do something differently/see something differently and get out of our own way.


If it were me, I would pray: “God, Universe, whatever is out, please help me to find a better way. I am willing to see this differently.”

And listen for that small nudge. Listen for the guidance. It will show up.

It always does.


Not to say the cheesiest thing ever… but when you fall down & hit your knees hard… you are in the perfect position to pray.


So maybe things can’t always go according to plan if we are to grow… and get closer to being our true selves – baggage free.

I know this current journey is far better than what I had in mind. Crazy as is sounds, today I feel gratitude for the darkest times in my life.


Don’t give up, my love.

You haven’t been forgotten.

And the fight ain’t over.

So here’s a FREE video from my recent lecture in Tulsa that includes a chunk of my story.


And ps, let’s connect. I’m on all the social medias.

I thank God for that therapist who could see me beyond my crap and could support me through it.

I love to do that for people. (Learn more: life-coaching)



If you are feeling low, don’t suffer any longer, contact me.

I have spots for a few more clients and would love to help you. Sign up.


I love you.


Amanda Frances

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