Best Year Yet: Lesson 5 – LOVE YOURSELF – Valentine’s Day Edition

Love Yourself Day. 


Valentine’s day IS NOT International Hate Your Life Day if you are single. No. No. No. 


I know that it is not super fun to see all your co-workers get flowers and talk about the surprise date their hunky hunky boyfriend has planned, but your are too fabulous to pout and sulk, my love. You are single. And this is not an incurable ailment. In my opinion, it’s a fabulous thing. 


So, yes, I am in a super happy relationship with a guy that adds so much to my life, and I’m lucky. But I wouldn’t be here without my single years. I don’t take back a second of it. I learned way too much for regret or any of that nonsenseHowever, I remember the annoyance of singleness on certain holidays.


So, in honor of the single girls out there, I am officially declaring today LOVE YOURSELF DAY! And am giving you a list of things that you must certainly do for yourself today. In fact, I think you should do them whether single or taken. 


{One}  Do something that makes you happy to start your day. If it were me I would drive my sleepy self to Starbucks. Order your very favorite drink regardless of price or calories. Feel the warmth of the cup. Let yourself feel happy. Smile.

If caffeine isn’t your thing, (I don’t understand this, but hear it exists) I must remind you that there is no shame in buying/sending yourself flowers.  I’ve done it a trillion times. 


{Two} When you get to work, or where ever you are going, make a play list of your all time favorite songs. I mean some Don’t Stop Believing type stuff. And I’m going to have to ask you to dis-include anything that makes you think of your ex-boyfriend, makes you want a new boyfriend, or makes you feel sad. Love Yourself Day is a happy day. 


{Three} I’m a therapist and so I reserve the right to ask you to do emotionally stretching activities. Get out a piece of paper and write down everything you love about yourself. Then write down everything you love about your life. Then write down everything you are thankful for. Feel amazing yet? :)


{Four} Do something else that makes you happy. Massage at lunch? Mani-pedi time?  Sounds like a perfect plan to me. 


{Four and a half} On your way back from your massage, I feel as though you should stop at your favorite café and order your favorite salad. (Celebrity Cafe at Highland Park Village, anyone?) Or whatever it is that makes you heart content. Once again, calories and price are not important right now. 


{Five} Is it happy hour yet? Thank Him. Call up your favorite girlfriend, gay best friend, or guy friend that you won’t accidentally make out and (actually that last part is optional – just don’t do anything that will add drama to your life) and enjoy the five o-clock hour. Or you could perhaps see a matinée, have a picnic, or some other cute and able-to-be-platonic activity. 


{Five and a halfl} Go to yoga or for a run! Endorphins make you happy! However, if it looks more like self-love for you to give yourself the day off (this only counts if you’ve been to the gym on the regs ;) ) then by all means, do it!


 {Lastly} To finish off the day I feel as though you should have a Single Ladies Party with close friends, go to dinner with a bff, or maybe just make yourself/order in delicious food and take a bubble bath. I’m leaving this up to you, but I insist you do something that makes you feel very special and very loved. 


Read over the list of things that you love about yourself. 


Thank God that you are you.

Get some sleep.  




Amanda Frances



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