You have to really, really want it.

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I talk a lot about letting it be easy. And I mean it, as a recovering perfectionist I know it can be toxic to our minds to over complicate, over analyze and over think everything. I don’t always talk about the “work” of growing this business.

But there has been work… This post is about that.

I started this business four and a half years ago. I bought and started branding the name Amanda Frances three and a half years ago. I have been completely financially supported by this thing I have created since around that time.

In that time I have poured myself into this. Me and God and many all nighters. Teaching myself WordPress. Facing my deepest fears. Crying on the kitchen floor. A thousand journal entries. Refusing to give up. Staying on my path. Healing limiting beliefs. Learning to manifest, meditate, and put myself out there. Determining to forgive the past. Years of therapy. Many degrees and courses. Quotes/affirmations posted online DAILY for four years without fail. Creating courses. Creating packages. Learning to sell. Learning to market. Learning to brand. Learning this industry. Thousands of sessions. Hundreds of blogs. Hundreds of thousands of dollars invested. Hundreds of thousands of dollars made. (And all of that gives me the luxury of breaking into steps/making it feel simpler for on my business coaching clients… But I digress…)

I feel that it is my call, my gift, my contribution, my focus, and my heart.

It didn’t just happen. It’s not a project or a hobby. It’s not a “see how it goes” or “maybe if I am lucky it will take off” thing.

It is The Thing for me.

And I don’t want to be judgmental or assume that I can understand the variety of each of your personal circumstances and the blocks that feel like they are in the way of you getting where you are trying to go. But I am here to tell you that none of that matters, because if you want this… then you will figure it out.

You will figure it out.

You will make it happen.

Because you want it fucking bad enough.

And that will be that. You will do it. You will hold vision. You will work hard. You will teach yourself what you need to know and you will go big.

You will invest in what you need to invest in. And hire who you need to hire. And Google fucking everything. And do what it takes.

You will put in the heart, tears, passion, work, and time. You will keep going. Because giving up was never an option.

This is what I know for sure:

I know that am dedicated to myself and because of that dedicated to my  business. I am proud of what I have created. I am protective over it. I am obsessed with it. I will guard it with my life.

It’s not about “hard work”… It’s about daily focus and action and passion and determination.

It’s about loosing yourself in something you love so you can find yourself more fully.

It’s about answering the call of your heart and making a difference with your life.

It’s about giving your life to something in hopes it can become bigger than you.

Either you want it or your don’t.

But if you want it… Then all of that “work” doesn’t feel so hard.

^^^ This applies to everything.

In today’s video I talk about what it means to really want it and to bring forth what you have to give each and every day:


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