Your Authenticity Is Sexy

Your Authenticity Is Sexy


Five years ago, when I first started this blog and my business, I had super effed up ideas of how to build a brand online. I thought my life and business had to look perfect.

If I’m going to show up online as Life-Coach, I thought, then I need to seem like I have it all together

Uhhh… gross.

Listen to me: Your imperfection is hot. You authenticity is sexy. We need your authentic truth.

Here is what I know for sure: What the world needs from me is my heart. They need me to share what’s real

For those of you with an a growing online business, let me say this: Show up on the internet and TELL THE TRUTH.

Tell you stories. Share your insight. Bring your truth. Be real.

I’ve said before, and you will here me say it again: The world needs YOU.

Your spin, your take, your life experiences, your belief system, your positive perceptions, your beautiful methods for grieving/healing/forgiving/moving through.

Be real. Be human. Be relatable. Be yourself.

Be yourself showing up unapologetically declaring what you know for sure.

Show up and tell the message you long to share the most. Tell us what we need to know about health/wellness/relationships/sex/sugar/nutrition/yoga/astrology/dog grooming or whatever the eff you are here to share about.

Like I say in today’s vlog (below) you can’t do the above with out this core belief: Who you are is enough.

When you know and believe that who you are is enough, then you can show up every day as someone who likes themselves. And know that if YOU like you, then some other people are going to like you too.

BUT not everyone will like you/who you are/what you have to say. AND THAT’S OKAY!

You don’t need everyone to like you/get you/buy from you.

You just need the people who are right for you and your work to like you. And they will.

BUT THEY CAN’T until you show up in your truth. Until you show up unbridled by the crazy ideas you have to be perfect to be loved and accepted (online or anywhere else) and that who you are is enough.

Who you are is enough. You will grow and change and evolve as you go, but you are innately enough. You were born enough. Who were made innately good enough.

When you drop that bullshit and LOVE who you are and what you are here to do, and own your truth in a big way, then you give permission for others to show up and love who you are and what you are here to do too.

When you do this, then you can be unattached from whether people like you and your shit or not: You can stand in who you are. And, trust me, that is the only way. When people don’t like and say bad things about your work online, you can look at them and say: I like me. I like what I do. I don’t need you. Bye.

From this place you will:

1. Grow your online presence by giving people something meaningful/real to follow
2. Make more money as more people can relate to you and want to take part in your offers
3. Feel amazing as you are able to create something beautiful out of what is most real to you. There is nothing to hide or construe; All there is is your truth.

I’ve branded myself as a hot mess who really loves people and unapologetically makes a fuck ton of money despite her flaws… Because that’s real.

(PS: All your “flaws” were given to you purpose. All the things that are “wrong” with you are more than likely the things that make you perfect for what you are here on earth to do. The late, messy, disorganized, loud, intense, emotional, slightly lazy, absent minded hot mess that I am… allows me to be the passionate, innovative, creative, bold as fuck, figure-it-out, open-minded, way out of the box, obsessed with my clients, in love with my work, work-smarter-not-harder, watch-me-do-it-my-way, make-it-happen-now hot mess that I need to be for this shit to work.)

And if I hadn’t done that, I would blend in online. There would be nothing to follow.

In this week’s vlog (below) I talk about what branding authentically means to me, owning your truth, and creating something online that people want to follow, because of it’s imperfection — not in spite of it.

And that kind of unabashed love and acceptance of yourself is super fucking hot.



To be real: At this very moment I’m running late for my best friends birthday brunch with my make-up half done, using my phone as a hotspot because my internet just went out. And that doesn’t make me less of a coach, spiritual teacher, course creator — you know?!

What do you think?! Do you think I’m crazy for making running late and being a hot mess a part of my brand? Do you think I’m going a little too far and tell too much of the behind the scenes of my life and business? What do you need to do to show up in the world more authentically and unapologetically today?

Tell me in the comments below this blog.

I love you so much!


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4 thoughts to “Your Authenticity Is Sexy”

  1. I’ve been brutally honest for years now, and adopted the “if you don’t like me, that’s your problem not mine” mentality. People are drawn to those who are transparent with their lives and I for one am tired of the “I’ve got it all together” crowd who really doesn’t, but wants everyone to think they do.

    I think there are more flawed people in the world than perfect, so what you’re saying in your video is truth for the majority of people out there. Great video, thanks for sharing.

  2. This is everything. Seriously. You just put into words exactly what I’ve been trying to communicate for so long! LOVE! (hot mess and all :))

  3. YESSS!!! THAT’S what I’m talking about my imperfection-loving soul sister. THIS is getting it right. I’d be taking you for a cocktail right now if we lived near each other to celebrate how happy I feel seeing you putting awesome + authentic shiz out in the world. I’m so proud to know you <3

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