You've got this. Positive Energy Meditation. Amanda Frances Meditation

YOU’VE GOT THIS | Positive Energy Meditation

As you may know, manifestation is an inside job.
That means that your internal state, dominant thoughts and predominant emotions are like little feelers that go out into the world and grab and pull back things like themselves.
I wanted to make a meditation that you could play when you are getting ready.
Whether you are getting ready for your day, a date, a big meeting or a livestream, this will help you elevate your thoughts, emotions and energy.
So that you can step into your power, feel your best, and be your most confident self!
You can have everything you desire. Everything is working out for you.
You are blessed and highly favored. God is on your side. And you are good enough. You’ve got this.

You can be rich, wealthy, healthy, abundant, full, happy, and overflowing. You’ve got this.

You are divinely supported and each right step is on it’s way to you. You’ve got this.

Breathe that all in, and check this out:



I am so excited for what comes through as you dig into this meditation.

I love you.