Money 101: Three Essential Principles for Manifesting Money

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Money 101: Three Essential Principles for Manifesting Money:

1. Your desires are from the divine. Our desires were placed in our hearts by God. It is safe to trust your desires. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean any random, fleeting desire… we can have a random want that doesn’t feel like it’s coming from the depths of our soul. But I really believe in my heartfelt desires. The things I really want. (That doesn’t mean your superficial desires aren’t valid and worthy. There’s nothing wrong with getting all your desires. But you know what it’s like when you want something so bad you can’t even f*cking stand it.) I’ve gotten good at letting myself want it. Not pushing it down and saying it’s unrealistic, or impossible, or not worthy of my time. I let myself want what I want. And I let myself want it so bad, it sometimes hurts. And then I believe with everything in me that if I want it, it is literally what I am meant to do on this planet, and heaven and earth will move so I can have it.

2. Everything is energy. When I don’t like what is occurring with money, my practice is to say: Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t it interesting I had this random refund request? Isn’t it interesting that I paid off this chunk of debt, and now I have the same amount of debt again? When situations like this happen, it’s just an indication of your energetic frequency. With money, you get what you’re available for. You have energetic standards — typically an energetic minimum and maximum — in every area of your life. There’s typically an amount that you can’t imagine making more than, and an amount that you can’t imagine making less than. And sometimes this number can be a negative number. We all have standards that we would never allow ourselves to go past, but often we will go to the minimum. Know this: You can ALWAYS raise your energetic minimum and maximum. As you develop your belief in yourself and in money, money can flow through to you.

3. You decide how money works for you. What do you expect to have? For me, it’s outside the realm of possibility that I don’t make money when I sleep. I expect to wake up to thousands of dollars every day. It is so expected, that it is outside the realm of possibility that it could not be true. But that’s just because that’s what I decided is true for me. Often, we expect that there has to be suffering and sacrifice to increase. I must struggle before I’m worthy. The thing is: None of these beliefs are ultimately true. It’s all just sh*t we’re creating and dynamics we’ve played into over time… but it can be changed. The first step is always acknowledging the patterns and limiting beliefs that don’t feel good. Ask yourself: Is this ultimately true? The answer is always no. Nothing is ever ultimately true. So what are you going to choose to believe instead? We have the opportunity to change our minds every day. And through changing our minds, we can change the feelings we feel, and the vibrations that live in our being.

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