Financial OVERFLOW: Four Principles to Unlock Massive Abundance

Financial OVERFLOW: Four Principles to Unlock Massive Abundance

1. Choose new beliefs. Manifesting money can feel really hard when we are holding beliefs that are not in support of us having abundance. Experiences we’ve had, things we’ve been taught, beliefs that run the show in our families — can all be in opposition of us creating abundance. Examples: You are bad with money. Money is the root of all evil. You are not worthy. These ideas are not the ultimate truth for you. You can shift them. Try on these beliefs instead: Money comes naturally and easily to me. My work is of high service and worthy of massive compensation. Spending money is safe. Don’t those feel better? It’s time to align our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs with abundance.

2. Money is responding to you. Money doesn’t have an opinion about you. Money is not approving or disapproving of you. Money is simply responding to you and your energetic state regarding money. So, if money is responding to our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs then you, my friend, have more power than you thought you did. Think of it this way: Everything that occurs is just feedback. Everything that occurs lets you know the thoughts, feelings and energy you’ve been playing in in regards to money. When you find yourself in a less than idea situation regarding money — take it as feedback. Ask yourself: Where in me was I not comfortable receiving money? Where in me was I afraid of letting things be this good? As a business owner, what in me was I not confident about my services?

3. You can’t f* it up. Many years ago I acted as though trumpets were supposed to sound, or God was supposed to get out a microphone, and tell me what I was supposed to do. This made making decisions feel… scary. Every decision felt like a big, complicated thing that I could majorly f* up. My friend once said to me: God’s Will is not so fragile that you can drop it and break it. Meaning, it’s safe to try things out. It’s safe to make mistakes. It’s safe to live. The pressure is largely self imposed. The pressure is simply our doubt and our fear holding us back and making us feel stuck and paralyzed by decisions. When we believe that one wrong decision could cause some sort of massive chaos upon us, it makes it impossible to follow our hearts and to do the d*mn thing, right? Remember: You. Cannot. F*. It. Up.

4. The energy of more than enough. How would you feel if you fully and completely had more than enough? Feel into the feelings of: There is so much, I can buy all the things. There is so much, I have everything I need all the time. There is so much, I have to give some away. Feel it: MORE THAN ENOUGH. When it comes to calling more money, I know this: We can manifest anything we can get behind, anything we believe is possible — or better yet, inevitable — for us. Play with the numbers. What amount can you truly and fully get behind? Don’t worry about the specifics or the “how” — just know that it’s yours. Like a cup that overflows: You believe, and you know, and you hold the feeling, and every moment of faith, belief, and expectation adds up — and eventually you see the overflow in your physical reality. Amen? Amen.

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