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What I learned about fear from a hot man with abs

Hi loves,

Story time: So, there was this gentleman.

He was reaching out to me each day.

I felt fairly certain that he could not be the one for me (for a number of reasons) but he was just so super hot.

I found myself telling stories about why I shouldn’t talk to him, what bad things could happen, or how it could be a waste of my time.

Yet, he was growing on me.

AND THEN I saw a picture of his abs.

** Holy cuss words those abs. **

And I basically couldn’t live.

I found myself feeling really nervous about the entire thing.

The thing is, when we are freaking out or frantic, identifying the underlying fear is key to being able to clear and shift the energy.

Identifying what we are afraid of can clear many of our limiting beliefs.

Check out today’s video to find out what I was actually afraid of and what I did to shift it.

Remember: In most situations the fear we feel is not about the situation we are in.

We are often projecting past situations and future things-that-could-go-wrong on to the present moment.

When we get centered and look at the made up stories we are telling ourselves, we can see more clearly and decided how to proceed.

Watch me go on about the man and his abs while clearing my own limiting beliefs:


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I love you!