Getting Un-F*ed and Un-Stuck with Money

Today we have four incredibly impactful teaching moments from one of our favorite programs: Drop the Money Struggle Bundle.

Without further ado…

1. Un-fuck your money stories. The nonsense we heard about money gets stuck inside of us — as stories — but we can change these stories. Growing up, we sensed things in our household about who we are in relation to money and we heard things about money and people with money — and we accidentally believed it. We developed idea around money, that did not have to be true for us and are certainly not the *ultimate* truth for who we can be and what we can have. It’s time to remove stories that say it’s never enough, it’s hard to pay bills, that money is stressful, etc. It’s time to work through these limiting beliefs and see things differently. It’s time to form new thought processes and change our minds about money.

2. How to manifest + call it in, quickly. When I want to manifest something, I want to manifest it mother f*ing quickly. I ask God to do the parts I cannot do, but I am willing to be guided. I am willing to show up and do my part. When you’re willing to be guided, and you know you can have it, your next step becomes clear. I have friends who are great manifestors who prefer to let it come when it comes, but I don’t have time for that. I’m doing it now, and I’m going to do my part to move it forward. Here is what that looks like for me…

3. God wants good for you. God, Universe, Creator loves you. Is obsessed with you. And made you perfectly. As the Bible says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” with every hair on your head numbered and accounted for. That is the detail by which God knows you. There is nothing written in the cosmos that says you can not have all you want. Your needs are meant to be met. You are good enough. You are worthy. Anything that tells you anything different is a lie, and it’s only true if you believe it is, and to the degree you fall for it.

4. When it looks like it didn’t work. When it looks like your manifestation isn’t working, you do the steps again. You shift back into being a vibrational match for the thing you want. This is real, deep work. We’re forming new neuropathways in your brain. We are changing the way you think… forever. Until we do this over and over consistently, we will often go back to our old defaults. But here’s the thing: You get to incrementally increase what you believe, what you have, and what you believe you’re worthy of all the time. This is up to you, and I promise you, it gets easier as you go.

Okay, my loves! I hope this serves you well!

xo, Amanda